7 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts (and a video with 33 more!)

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40 of the best toilet paper roll craft ideas for kids that you can make on rainy days or if you’re on a staycation during your spring break!

40 fun and easy toilet paper roll kids craft ideas!

Well, guys. Apparently y’all be poopin’ a lot. There’s no toilet paper anywhere. Not even Amazon. Dassa crisis.

I’m truly not trying to be insensitive, but I just am not one to buy into hype or paranoia. I’m an enneagram 5 and like the cold, hard facts and for me, there’s  just not there for me to freak out. I have bigger fish to fry in life at the moment. 

Plus, I use humor a lot to deal with most crap in life. Just call me Chandler Bing. Or Miss Chanadler Bong (If you watch the show, you’ll get that reference).

However, I do have 2 kids and we only have 3 packs of toilet paper so, hopefully that’ll be enough. If not, I do have a crap ton (definite pun intended) of old t-shirts that I can cut up and use.

I realize that some of you may be stuck at home with your kids and have a bunch of random cardboard tubes now laying around that are just calling your name to reuse. So, because I’m so nice, I spent my entire night last night scouring the internet to round up the best, super cute toilet paper roll crafts you can make with your kids. Or you could also use paper towel rolls if you have kids with like exceptionally long arms or something. I tried to find the ones that you could make at home without having to go out and buy more stuff.

7 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts For Kids

Frozen Toilet Paper Roll Bracelet

frozen bracelet toilet paper roll craft

I have a 4 year old who wants to put in her Elsa braid and put on her princess dress the second she wakes up and listen to Frozen 2 songs in the car quite literally every time we get in. So, I think this bracelet would be a hit with her. This does require tissue paper, so hopefully you have some of this in your stash of Christmas gift wrap or something. Super fun and easy!

Olaf Toilet Paper Roll Craft

olaf frozen toilet paper roll craft

Sticking with the Frozen theme, here’s another one. I mean, who wouldn’t love a snowman made out of old paper tubes, am I right??

Toilet Paper Roll Confetti Poppers

toilet paper roll confetti poppers

Emily made these originally geared towards 4th of July which would also work, but if you’re wanting to do these for your spring break or staycation, you could easily do these in different color tissue paper. These look super fun, but you might want to do these outside so that you’re not adding “spring cleaning” to your list of things to do being stuck indoors.

Super Cute Toilet Paper Roll Lil’ Bunny and Ducky

bunny and ducky toy story 4 toilet paper roll craft

Well, Emily did it again. She made these super fun and easy toilet paper roll animals. I mean, come on. It’s spring and aside from the flu, this season is all about the bunnies and duckies. It’s perfect.

Toilet Paper Roll Building Blocks

Okay, these building “blocks” are freakin’ genius. I love this idea and Josiah is in a phase now where he likes stacking or nesting things so this would be great for him. You could easily wrap the tube with any kind of paper or just use markers to draw on it. Love it.

Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly

toilet paper roll butterfly

Because when you get done with all your boo boo, make a Boo Boo Butterfly

Cardboard Tube Zebra

cardboard tube zebra

This would be a great one to use up all those empty paper towel rolls. You can totally do this with toilet paper rolls too, but it would take a lot. Which, according to the shelves in every store, wouldn’t be too hard to accomplish.

If you’d still like more toilet paper roll kids crafts, check out this video below for 33 more ideas! And who knows, if you play your cards right, this toilet paper will last you until Christmas and then you’ll be set up for Christmas crafts! Holla!

And just in case you need a few boredom busters, here are a few ideas you can do that have nothing to do with toilet paper for yourself or your bae baes:

  • Read something
  • Calm down
  • Write a handwritten note to somebody.
  • Watch something funny or scroll some funny accounts on Insta
  • Outdoor tic tac toe
  • Make a sensory bag with all your toddler’s ridiculously tiny toys
  • Scavenger hunt inside or outside
  • Calm down again
  • Wash ya hands
  • Don’t post anything you’re gonna regret later on social media
  • Learn calligraphy
  • Knit yourself a warsh rag to wipe your booty and stop buying so much toilet paper

That’s all I got. Hopefully this was helpful and maybe made you chuckle a little bit.

Cutest toilet paper roll craft ideas for kids

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