Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray

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Edgecomb Gray HC-173 by Benjamin Moore is one of the most neutral light greige paint colors that works in any lighting situation. See how it stacks up against other popular greige colors!


Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray

If you’re looking for an incredibly neutral greige with very minimal undertones, Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray may be exactly what you’re looking for. Let’s talk about it!

What Color is Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray HC-173?

Edgecomb Gray HC-173 is a beautiful warm greige paint color that’s softer than some of the other popular greige paint colors.

It can definitely look different depending on where your light source comes from, meaning north or south facing windows can make this color’s very subtle undertones show themselves in different ways.

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray paint strip with arrow pointing to the color

One of the most popular gray paint colors by Benjamin Moore is Revere Pewter, which is on the same sample strip, but definitely has more depth and pigment to it.

You definitely will want to see this on your walls in your specific space and if you don’t want to paint a sample on your wall, this would be the perfect time to try Samplize.

They offer giant peel and stick samples of paint swatches from Sherwin Williams, PPG, Ben Moore and Farrow and Ball that you can add to your wall so you can spend a little bit of money once instead of a lot of money on multiple samples.

What Undertones Does Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray Have?

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray graphic

Edgecomb Gray is a very neutral taupe color with little undertones.

Some people are wary of choosing greige colors because their undertones can be tricky and end up being too gray or not gray enough for the person’s liking.

Many greiges have a green (warm) undertone, whereas taupes are more likely to pick up on pink or purple (cool) tones. Edgecomb Gray can have its pink undertone sneak out in very cool or bright lighting situations.

Edgecomb Gray LRV

The LRV, or Light Reflectance Value, of a paint color is on a sliding scale of 1 to 100.

The closer a color is to 0, the closer it is to black which means it won’t reflect light well or at all.

The close a color is to 100, the closer it is to white which means it will reflect light very well.

what is LRV? what is light reflective value graphic

I made this (super non professional) graphic to hopefully help you understand if you’re more of a visual learner.

Edgecomb Gray has an LRV of 63.09, which means it’s going to show up lighter on your walls even in darker rooms with not a lot of natural light.

Edgecomb Gray Coordinating Colors

Benjamin Moore always provides its picks for coordinating colors with their paint colors.

While those are typically great choices, I always like to take a look at the paint deck fan and choose some other options I would (or have) paired it with.

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray baby fawn coordinating colors

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy

benjamin Moore Hale Navy painted kitchen cabinets
Benjamin Moore Hale Navy kitchen cabinets via Kountry Kraft

Because of its versatility, Benjamin Moore Hale Navy is an incredible option for pairing with Edgecomb Gray.

Hale Navy can work with warm or cool tones, and adds a level of depth and elegance to a space.

And if you happen to have missed the introduction and tour of our latest project, come see the before tour of our newest investment property – a mountain house!

Benjamin Moore White Dove

Benjamin Moore White Dove paint sample

Seen here at the top of this paint strip is one of Benjamin Moore’s most popular creamy paint color – White Dove.

It’s a softer warm white that can pair well with Edgecomb Gray. Having White Dove as wall color and using Edgecomb Gray as a contrasting door and trim color could be a really nice option.

Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal

Since Kendall Charcoal is a richer paint color with green undertones, it can pair nicely with Edgecomb Gray to create a nice aesthetic.

Popular Color Comparisons

Edgecomb Gray vs. Revere Pewter

These two are on the same paint strip right next to one another, but they’re definitely different in terms of undertones.

Edgecomb is very neutral, sometimes light pink in its undertones, whereas Revere Pewter can lean more green in its undertones.

Both are great neutral paint colors, but Revere Pewter definitely leans into the greige more so than Edgecomb Gray.

Surprisingly, they can actually work together pretty well in the same space!

Edgecomb Gray vs. Pale Oak

Pale Oak is lighter than Edgecomb Gray. Its LRV is 70 as opposed to EG’s 66.09.

It also has more prominent undertones that are yellow or creamy.

Both would be great colors to choose and could work for any space, it would just depend on your lighting situation.

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray in Real Spaces

*Sources for each image are linked under the photo. For more information on the space, visit the provided link.


Dining Room

Kitchen (Walls)

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray painted on the walls with white kitchen cabinets
Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray kitchen walls via @juliadedeckerinteriors

Kitchen (Cabinets)

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray painted kitchen cabinets
Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray painted kitchen cabinets via Fiona Leonard Interiors

Living Room

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb gray living room with white fireplace and 2 arm chairs
Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray living room via Kylie M. Interiors
benjamin moore edgecomb gray living room with light tan sofa and stairs in the background
Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray living room via Making it in the Mountains

Home Exterior

Trim Color Choices for Edgecomb Gray

Edgecomb Gray can have either a crisp white or creamy white, depending on the look you’re going for. Here are my top 2 picks for Edgecomb Gray trim colors:

Benjamin Moore White Dove

Benjamin Moore White Dove paint sample

This color is very similar to Sherwin Williams Alabaster, with creamy undertones that still don’t feel too yellow.

White Dove would be a great option for trim if you’re looking for a more traditional look or feel.

Benjamin Moore Simply White

BM Simply White is a more crisp white, but doesn’t make your trim feel too cold or sterile.

It’s a great choice for a more modern feel.

Edgecomb Gray Equivalents In Other Popular Brands

Sherwin Williams Equivalent to Edgecomb Gray

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray Sherwin Williams equivalent

Color matching paint colors, especially when you cross brands are never going to be exact. Each brand has its own special nuanced formulas for creating colors.

Side by side, here’s a look at BM Edgecomb Gray vs. its Sherwin Williams equivalent, Accessible Beige.

UNDERTONESMostly neutral, slight pinkMostly neutral

With its lower LRV, Accessible Beige, while still very neutral in its undertones is going to read slightly more pigmented on your walls than Edgecomb Gray.

Behr Equivalent to Edgecomb Gray

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray Behr equivalent

The closest Behr equivalent to Edgecomb Gray is Sculptor Clay, but I can definitely see more differences in this color compared to Edgecomb Gray. Here’s a quick look at a glance:

UNDERTONESMostly neutral, slight pinkSlightly orange

Behr Sculptor Clay is the darkest out of all 3 comparison colors and it also has a bit more obvious undertones than the Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams option.

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Final Thoughts

Edgecomb Gray is excellent choice for an overall paint color or could even be great for cabinets or trim.

If you’re wanting to try color but are scared of a bolder choice like Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog or Behr Black Bamboo, Edgecomb Gray could be the perfect jumping off point.

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