Primary Bathroom Refresh Reveal

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Having a small primary bathroom and a small budget doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with ugly cabinets, countertops or floors! Let me show you how cheap you can refresh your small primary bathroom!

I AM SO EXCITED I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO SAY RIGHT NOW OTHER THAN TO SHOW YOU! Yes, I typed that in all caps which means I’m yelling but I’m not yelling AT you I’m just yelling NEAR you.

In case you missed any of our DIY posts in this bathroom, you can check those out here:

Before I get to our after photos, can I just remind you all of what we started with?

master bath refresh BEFORE
master bath refresh BEFORE

I hope you haven’t just eaten because GRODY.

But are you ready for this?!

A stunning small master bathroom reveal. You won't believe the before!

I honestly don’t even know what I’m happier about – the finished product or how cheap it was.

I don’t know about you guys, but when it comes to a small bathroom remodel or even any room for that matter, it’s alllll in the details.

woman and 2 kids in portable bathtub with flowers on it


This wasn’t a full gut job renovation, but if you’re doing one, you will thank me later after grabbing yourself a portable bathtub. They’re clutch with kiddos!

Small Bathroom Refresh Reveal

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The Floors

If these floors look familiar to you, they should! We used these exact same floors in our office to make our own DIY chair mat. The floors we went with are peel and stick Cararra marble tiles that are groutable so they look even more real. It’s crazy to think how far vinyl has come in the past couple decades.

We really wanted matching rugs but the space in front of the toilet is small and I accidentally found this white square rug and fell in love! The reason I didn’t want a colored rug in front of the vanity is because we stand there a lot with shoes on and I didn’t want to get it all grody. So, we opted for a blush pink one that matches the mirror on the back of our DIY barn door!

Bathroom Vanity Makeover

Red countertops you guys. I can’t get over it. RED. COUNTERTOPS. We decided to get rid of those with some marble contact paper and I am still surprised how real it looks!

marble contact paper

We painted the vanity with a deep teal (Sequoia Glade by Valspar, if you’re wondering!) and it’s the perfect pop of color against the marble counters and floors and wood accents.

Extremely Minimal Decor

When it comes to this bathroom, space is limited. We did what we could to make everything blend in including painting these doors the same color as the wall so they blended in instead of stood out and reminded you, “Oh, hey here’s a huge giant closet in your bathroom taking up space being unnecessarily large.”

When we gut this space, we want this closet gone, but that wasn’t in the budget right now. The glass knobs came into play because we fell in love with the glass knob we used on our daughter’s playhouse and brought it to our own decor. I LOVE them!

Oh, and if you saw our guest bathroom (or have been around this blog more than 35 seconds) you know I love a good poop joke. I had to throw that in somewhere even though there wasn’t a ton of wall space for art.

If I got a nickel for every time I said this, I would have like a crap ton of nickels. Get it? Crap ton? Let’s move on.

Brushed Nickel Fixtures

Can we all just agree that fixtures are the unsung heroes of any space? Nobody ever pays attention to them, but they are used most frequently.

We found this seeded glass vanity light from Home Depot and are IN LOVE. I gotta admit I’ve never done brushed nickel before and when it was posed to me by Jordan I was all, “NAH IM GOOD.” But per usual, he talked me into them and I’m not mad about it.

It baffles me that this is THE EXACT SAME SINK. That’s right. We didn’t buy a new one. We simply swapped out our faucet for this simple, gorgeous one from Pfister and it makes this entire sink look brand new.

Our matching towel ring is a favorite fixture of mine too that holds the thing we wipe our slobber on. Trust me, white doesn’t stay white long around here I can promise you that.

I already talked about how much of a genius idea this double towel hanger is when I shared tips to maximize the space of a small bathroom, but I took the towels off the front just to show you the hangin’ capacity on this bad boy. We LOVE this thing! Jordan, the big guy around here, loves small towels (so weird) but me, smaller than him but still large in my own way, I love GIANT towels and this fits 4 EASILY!

Okay, I know it’s weird to get excited about a toilet paper holder, but it might be safe to say this one from Pfister is one of my favorite things about this new bathroom. Let me show you why.

It can be super annoying trying to change the toilet paper with one of those spring roll changey kind. Anyone of you ever had the spring popup and fall somehow IN THE TOILET in the mess you’ve made in there? No? Just me?

Tough crowd.

Well, the good people at Pfister are GENIUS because look:

Yep. Literally just lifts up. GENIUS. I love a good bathroom hack.

A stunning small master bathroom reveal. You won't believe the before!

Well, there ya go folks! I tried to include links to be helpful throughout, but if you’re looking for a larger source list, here’s one and I hope it’s helpful!

Thank you SO MUCH to Pfister for partnering with me and making our bathroom dreams come true! As usual, all opinions are my own.

This stunning master bathroom refresh proves that you don't have to spend a ton of money to make a space you love! Come see! #smallbathroomdesign #smallbathroomrefresh

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