Ruggable Rug Review: Is It Worth It?

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We have had this runner Ruggable rug for quite some time and I’m talking about whether or not it’s worth the hype!

ruggable runner rug up close on light wood floors


It’s been a hot minute since we finished our full gut job kitchen renovation and the first purchase I made for it was a Ruggable rug.

I’d heard incredible things about it and so as a splurge, I decided to go for it.

After we had Colli girl, my feet took a beating and now I’m *blessed* with plantar fasciitis that I can’t seem to get rid of which makes standing super tough.

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What is Ruggable?

If you’re unfamiliar, Ruggable is a company that produces washable rugs.

ruggable rug with top layer folded back to show pad underneath

They come in 2 pieces – the top (the rug) and the bottom (the rug pad). You can choose thickness of a rug pad depending on where you plan on having your rug and what kind of cushion you’ll need.

One of the key features that sets Ruggable rugs apart is being machine-washable.

We got kids up in here and these kids love to eat, but they’re MESSY.

Because we wanted something durable, especially in our high traffic kitchen, we went with Ruggable rugs. But after living with it for a year, I wanted to talk about what we like, but also just as important, what we really don’t.


When compared to rugs you can find at other places we tend to shop like Wayfair, Rugs USA or even Walmart/Target, the cost is higher.

Not significantly, but enough where it took me a long time to pull the trigger.

In addition to being priced higher, they’re never really on a huge sale like you can find at other retailers which I don’t love.

Ease of Cleaning

Okay, so yes. Being able to toss a rug in a washing machine has come in handy MANY times.

Think Worcestershire sauce spills, mashed gummies that we don’t find until days later – you name it, it’s likely happened.

We’ve washed it a lot and I don’t think it’s as faded as it could be (more on that later)

If you’re wondering “can you vacuum a Ruggable rug?” the answer my sweet darling is yes. I vacuum this bad boy alllll the time.

Design Styles

I feel like you can most likely find something to fit any design style you have in your home, but I will say the selection is quite small.

modern rugs from ruggable

However, when it comes to buying rugs online, I can tell you from experience that sometimes less is more in terms of options. It’s super easy to get overwhelmed when you’re trying to find where to buy rugs online and so while the selection is definitely smaller from Ruggable, I personally appreciate that.

Rug Pad Options

There are a couple of options for rug pads to choose from.

One of these is the cushioned pad.

This pad is designed with comfort in mind, offering additional padding and softness to your rug.

The non-slip pad is what we went with for our kitchen.

This rug pad is specifically designed to provide grip and prevent your rug from moving around on the floor using the cling effect technology which consists of a unique texture that effectively adheres the rug cover to the pad, ensuring it stays in place.


ruggable rug in front of stove with white oak engineered hardwood floors

This is my BIGGEST gripe about this thing and the biggest reason why I wanted to write a review on our Ruggable rug in the first place.

This “non slip pad” slips all over the damn place and it drives me bonkers. Especially because I paid extra for this cushioned rug pad that is supposed to not slip.

We did everything we were supposed to do with installing and care and it has never stayed in place. Ever.

Okay, Then Do You Really Even Need a Rug Pad?


These rugs are paper thin and the design is such that it needs to have both parts to function properly. You can choose the less expensive rug pad option, but 100% you’ll need one.

Do Ruggable Rugs Curl?

ruggable rug in front of stove with white oak engineered hardwood floors

Again I’ll say yes.

It’s tough to see it in the image, but it’s super noticeable in person how the long edges of the runner curl up.

Usually washing them will get them back to normal, but it’s not long before they’re curled like this mop on my head I call hair.

Does Washing Ruggable Cause Fading?

I’ll say this – my initial response was, “Not really and that’s awesome!”

ruggable rug image

Then I found the image of our exact Ruggable rug that we have and thought, “Oh crap, it’s actually faded a good bit.”

I will say, though, that ours did not come this dark initially so it already felt lighter than this when we got it.

Return Policy for Ruggable Rugs

If you’re looking for a hassle free return process from buying online rugs, this may not be for you.

Yes you can technically get a full refund, but there are criteria:

  • Must be within 30 days
  • Must not have any signs of wear or use
  • Processing fee will apply and be deducted from your total purchase amount.

You can read their full return policy here for more info, but it’s not the best in the biz.

Is It Worth It?


Y’all, I’m just not sure.

ruggable runner rug in kitchen with greige cabinets and white cafe fridge

I don’t like paying a premium for a product that doesn’t even do the one thing it’s supposed to – STAY PUT.

In the same breath, we have a mountain house Airbnb that we are TRYING to get finished and I really feel like because these will be high traffic and we can’t tell guests not to wear shoes inside, we will for sure need something washable so stay tuned!

Fun Ruggable Designs


disney rugs from ruggable

Fun and Playful (would be great for playrooms or kids rooms!)

fun and playful playroom rugs from ruggable

All in all, I definitely do not hate it, but now several other retailers have their own washable rugs and quite frankly, I’d love to see how those stack up to Ruggable.

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