Earth Breeze: Zero Waste Laundry Strips Review

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Completely unsponsored, but what it’s been like using these zero waste laundry strips for over a year


Earth Breeze (Laundry Strips) Reviews

I wasn’t necessarily planning to write this post, but I figured that as we are starting to see a lot more of the effects of global warming on our environment, it might make some people want to shift to more eco friendly products.

eco friendly paper towels on a paper towel roll

We have been trying to make smaller swaps here and there and I wrote about 8 super easy and practical eco friendly swaps that we have done and are super happy with.

One eco-friendly swap that I actually did not include was our use of the laundry strips.

woman in black shirt tearing Earth Breeze reviews laundry strips

I intentionally left them off because I didn’t know how I would like it compared to my regular detergent so I thought I’d swoop back in talk about them now!

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Where is Earth Breeze made?

According to their website, Earth Breeze has a factory in Oregon which means it’s a US-based company. I love Earth Breeze as a brand because they practice what they preach.

In 2020 with the insane wildfires, they were able to help displaced families with 100,00 loads of laundry with nonprofit organization partners in the area. As our family tries to be more aware of what we buy, I love to see when a brand is helping make a difference in their community or to those in need.

Fresh Scent vs. Fragrance-Free

woman tearing laundry strips

Earth Breeze currently offers two versions of their laundry strips. I chose to get their fresh scent because I knew it would be a mild scent, and it would hopefully give me a little bit of smell without being super overwhelming.

We don’t have too many sensitive skin issues, other than Josiah’s being a little dry. We haven’t had a single problem with the scented ones, but there is a fragrance-free option if you have sensitive skin.

How Much Do Earth Breeze Laundry Sheets Cost?

Our go-to liquid detergent was 64 loads for around $13, which comes out to about 20 cents per load.

Earth Breeze Eco Sheets are right around the same price with their monthly subscription service, so if you’re worried that using zero waste laundry detergent strips will cost you more, the good news is it’s not true!

Pro tip: Tear the half sheet in half for regular sized loads! You can get your clothes just as clean with 1/4 of a sheet if there aren’t tons of harsh stains.

What Kind Of Packaging Does Earth Breeze Use?

Earth Breeze uses minimal packaging materials. Their laundry strips are shipped in thin cardboard boxes (similar to a packing envelope) that can be recycled or composted in your backyard or garden.

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Where Can You Buy Earth Breeze Products?

You can buy Earth Breeze Products on Amazon and directly on the brand’s website, which is the way we order them for our house.

Their customer service is top-notch, and so if we ever have an issue or want to change the frequency of which we get our shipment, I liked the ease of going straight to their site.

Can you use Earth Breeze products in an HE washer?

This was super important because we have a front-loading HE washing machine, and I needed to ensure that this would work for us.

front load washing machine with Earth Breeze laundry strips inside

You can put the sheets directly into the spot where your detergent goes up top, but I sometimes put it directly in the drum if I have larger loads.

Will Earth Breeze dissolve in cold water?

These zero waste laundry strips dissolve in any temperature water! I mostly use cold water for my laundry loads, but I will use warm or hot occasionally, and I’ve seen no residue on clothes or anything with any temperature.

How long will unused sheets last?

These laundry detergent strips will work well for 18 months. Be careful storing them if you keep them in your laundry room.

Earth Breeze laundry strips on open shelves in the laundry room

If your laundry area doesn’t have a well-ventilated space and retains a lot of moisture, that can mess up the sheets since they’re made to dissolve in water.

After using these for about a year or so, here is my straight-up, unbiased list of pros and cons Earth Breeze review:

Zero Waste Laundry Strips Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Takes up very little room compared to typical detergent packaging
  • Compostable/recyclable packaging
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Gentle fresh scent
  • Same cost as big brand detergents

Zero Waste Laundry Strips Cons

  • Subscription services can quickly be forgotten about
  • If you get the sheet wet accidentally before putting it in your washing machine, it’s wasted
  • If you like a bold scent, Earth Breeze won’t provide that
  • It isn’t sold in stores
  • They take a bit of getting used to

All in all, I’m still happy with our choice to switch.

laundry detergent bottles sitting on open shelves in laundry room with white mermaid tile

Admittedly, there are times when I add fabric softener, or if I’m in a pinch and don’t have Earth Breeze on hand, I keep a small bottle of regular laundry detergent on hand, so I’m not caught in a pickle.

Reducing the toxins in our home was very important when we decided how to go zero waste & eco friendly. We have kids around and would love to bring more kids into the world, hopefully. Keeping them safe is important!

We’ve been thrilled with our choice and would recommend Earth Breeze to anyone thinking about reducing their laundry loads and/or looking for an alternative to mainstream detergents.

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