Christmas Kid’s Play Kitchen + Free Printable!

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Starting small with deecking the halls with this adorable kid’s play kitchen all dolled up for Christmas plus some free printables you can use in your own kid’s space!

Free fun Fa La La Printables

Well, here we are. Chrizzlemas.

If you’re coming here from the Kid’s Christmas Tour hosted by my girls Chelsea from 221 and Chelsea from Making Home Base, WELCOME! It’s pretty insane around here and probably won’t be changing anytime soon.

If you are new, though, you may not know that I didn’t even decorate at all for Christmas last year. I thought 2019 was rough for us, but EL OH EL. 2020 came in all, “Hold my beer.”

I was still a bit uneasy and unsure if I wanted to decorate for Christmas this year – experiencing our 3rd pregnancy loss, another current pregnancy, a rough time with Jordan’s job this entire year and, *gestures widely* everything else.

So, I decided that I would start small and just decorate a kid’s space because they’re young and I figured I would live with it to see how it sits before we go all out and decking the halls, walls and our porch again and whatnot.

Christmas Kid’s Wooden Play Kitchen

*Full source list at the end so you can get all the things you need for your own play kitchen decor!

kidkraft play kitchen decorated for christmas

We’ve had this KidKraft kitchen for almost 3 years now and I thought Charlotte loved this thing, but Josiah is ALL ABOUT IT.

Mostly slamming the doors and throwing the plates and pretend food at his sister and me. Whatever though.

The ‘Be Merry’ mat is a bath mat I got at Target. I really wanted to get a cuter one than this, but all the cute ones are doormats and doormats and bare feet don’t really go well together. Cuz ouch.

christmas kitchen utensils

We have little food utensils that I always keep in this little white pot (which is actually a planter) but I changed out the normal utensils for Christmas themed ones. These are similar ones that Target has out this year for only $1 a piece!

melissa and doug wooden christmas cookie set

If you haven’t seen this Melissa and Doug wooden Christmas cookie set, you should totally get your hands on one. It was seriously the biggest hit of this entire Christmas play kitchen.

They weren’t even that impressed with the kitchen, but these cookies have kept them both entertained for hours. Okay minutes, but just let me dream.

I was a little upset they didn’t fit in the oven, but the stove top works just fine. Char just said they were “cooling off”.

grocery list

Behind this door stores all our pretend play foods and pots and pans that are normally set out on this thing.

Since our daughter has been learning to spell and write, her favorite things are drawing pictures and making lists. I thought I’d add a little shopping list on here so she can pretend to either take orders or make her own grocery list.

Throw in some mini bottle brush trees for a sweet little touch. That were immediately taken away because these things and a 2 year old boy with an insane throwing arm don’t mix. We’ve had ours for a couple years, but Target has some cute ones this year and if that doesn’t float your boat, you can get them in packs of approximately a million on Amazon too!

colored fairy lights on white christmas kitchen

If Charlotte had her way, this would be all pink everything, but since I was trying to make it suitable for both a boy and a girl, I had to try to keep the decor somewhat neutral on said toy kitchen.

I added these frosted fairy lights that are operated with a battery pack so we can turn them off and on when we want.

colored fairy lights lit up on white christmas kitchen

There’s the little babes turned on just in case you’re wondering.

colored fairy lights on white christmas kitchen

I used some tiny plastic Command hooks to attach the lights and you can see in the left side of the photo here that the light pack is right back there. Although I’m not sure how safe it is to have electricity near running water.

Kidding. This thing doesn’t actually have running water.

I used a velcro Command strip on the battery pack and stuck it on the back of the kitchen playset so that it won’t be messed with. Or so I’d like to make myself believe.

pink ceramic gingerbread house

2 of Charlotte’s favorite things in Christmas decor are gingerbread houses and nutcrackers. I was a TETCH too nervous to put a nutcracker on here because we also have a boy up in this house who is …. aggressive.

Although this is a ceramic gingerbread house, I only keep this out when he’s not around it. AKA when he’s asleep.

pink ceramic gingerbread house lit up

Lil’ bèbè also lights up with the flip of a switch.

mini wreath hanging on command hook

I bought this guy knowing I wanted to add a wreath and then much to my chagrin, it was actually a garland.

But I made it work by wrapping the cord of this mini wreath/garland around the top a couple times and popping the battery pack on top of the ol’ kids kitchen.

mini wreath hanging on command hook

Thar she blows all lit up and whatnot.

Free Christmas Printables

kidkraft play kitchen decorated for christmas

Okay, okay, okay. I know why you’re all really here anyway. The free stuff.

fa la la printables

I threw these together in Photoshop and stuck them in some 8×10 $5 white frames from Target.

cartoon lion singing fa
cow singing la
frog singing la

And because I love you guys like SO much, I’m letting you have them for free! Just leave your email address and let me know where to send the super secret password so you can get in da club.

Get the goods!

Drop your info ????????here???????? and get the printables your lil’ heart desires!

Hooray! It should be there in 3….2……

So there you have it! Our first official spot decorated for Christmas! And as promised, here are all the sources for our pretend play kitchen all decked out for the season!

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