Elegant Blue Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas To Try This Year

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Inside: If you’re looking to have a blue Christmas (with decor, not with sadness) these incredible blue Christmas decorating ideas are sure to make you want to decorate a room right this second!

I can’t believe the holiday season is about to be here y’all.

That means it’s time to think about what in the world I’m going to do with our Christmas tree decor this year.

The one year I actually did a lot of outdoor decor on our back porch for Christmas, I really did love it, but I don’t know if I have it in me to do it again since we have so many moving pieces this year (like hopefully a kitchen renovation starting!)

I’ve had my eye on some blue Christmas decorations this year – in particular navy blue because if you didn’t know, we love a navy something! Here’s what’s been catching my eye so far when it comes to blue Christmas decorations and specifically the tree!

What does a blue Christmas tree mean?

According to eHow, a blue Christmas tree generally represents generosity of spirit

I don’t know about you, but I love the idea that we can easily symbolize the biggest season of giving by decorating with a color that’s not green or red. So get you some generosity of spirit, how about it, and let’s get us some blue Christmas decorations!

What colors go with blue on a Christmas tree?

The next question on everyone’s mind is, “what colors go with blue on a Christmas tree”? This is going to largely depend on what kind of blue you decide to use.

If you have a navy blue Christmas tree, adding a color like silver or white is going to really make things pop. Navy and silver will also provide a more elegant look.

Adding another deep hue like a peacock green could be a nice contrast to navy blue but will give it some contrasting color.

When working with navy Christmas decorations, you can make this a more dramatic or romantic feel. I love that it works even if you have a family with young kiddos who love all things light and bright.

Kids don’t mean the end of romance, my friends!

If you have a middle-of-the-line, regular royal blue, you might be able to pair this with some colors too, depending on how you’re feeling.

You can’t go wrong with silver and white as complementary colors to light blue Christmas decorations. Silver and white are traditional for the holiday season, plus they make any shade of blue look bright and cheery. Having a lighter shade of blue can really be beautiful for a more coastal, calm feel.

Blue and White Christmas Decor

Blue and White Christmas Decor

If you want a more classic look, definitely go for blue and white.

Having navy and white feels classic; having a lighter blue and white leans calm, serene, and could even be coastal if you add more natural elements like jute or even things like white dried starfish.

If you want to know what really gets me geeked is the idea of going vintage and having blue and white vintage ornaments or blue and white vintage Christmas decor. I just think that's so utterly delightful and one of my favorite ideas!

Blue and Silver Christmas Decor

Blue and Silver Christmas Decor

One thing I don't want to neglect is how spectacular silver and blue Christmas decorations can be. There are many different ways to get a blue and silver look, but you'll enjoy the end result being a cohesive look.

This is very much a shiny, metallic palette, so it's easy to overdo this if you go in blind. But finding the right balance with blue and silver Christmas decor can be both fun and beautiful!

A great thing about blue and silver is that it's not *too* Christmassy if you know what I mean, so you can always enjoy it for New Year's as well.

Adding texture is also a great way to work different shades of blue and silver together. Try burlap ribbon, flocked garland, wooden ornaments, geometric decorations, or even feathers to add interest and texture.

DIY Blue Ornaments + Other DIY Blue Christmas Decorations

DIY Blue Ornaments + Other DIY Blue Christmas Decorations

Other Blue Christmas Decoration Ideas

What are the best tips to decorate my own home with blue and white (or blue and silver)?

To be fair, these tips are going to be super helpful for you regardless of color. Still, since we’re all about the blue Christmas decor here, I wanted you to get the best info you can from one post, so here’s what I can tell you:

Think Color Scheme

Instead of just trying to stick to one shade of blue, try a blue color scheme. This can be by using coordinating colors on a color wheel or using complementary colors to blue.

For example, if the turquoise kind of blue is your thing, try it with orange, yellow, and green to give your tree some color variation and some eclectic, fun colors!

closeup of white plates with blue and silver ornaments on plate as centerpiece

When you’re working with blue Christmas decor, the accent colors or the coordinating colors can change the entire feel of the space.

Darker, deeper hues like navy paired with something like a mauve create a fancy, sexy Christmas.

A blue color scheme with lighter blue, silver, white, and even light pink ornaments can create a sense of calm and serene. Especially on a white flocked Christmas tree! Can’t you just see it?

If you’re a color lover, then go for a pop of pretty bright colors that scream Dr. Seuss. Remember – it’s all how you want people to feel when they come up in your digs for the holidays.

Use Ribbon

closeup of blue Christmas ribbon

Oh, what’s that? You didn’t want an actual blue Christmas tree? Totally fine! Add some ribbon in your Christmas tree that’s blue.

The great thing about using ribbon on a Christmas tree is that it will create a ton of contrast. Adding ribbon is a great way to add depth and texture, plus it takes your Christmas tree decor from boring to fabulous in an instant.

turquoise ornament with turquoise ribbon with white background

You can also use little smaller pieces of ribbon to hang some blue Christmas ornaments on your tree rather than using those metal hook things that annoy the crap out of me (personally).

Using ribbon for your Christmas ornaments can really help take your tree from just okay to A+ status.

Christmas Ornaments of Different Shapes

Let’s face it – round ornaments are usually way easier to find than ornaments you need in a specific color like blue in a funky shape. But having those non-round Christmas ornaments can really spice things up and give your Christmas decor some visual interest.

Typically when you buy an ornament set, they come with different sizes of round ornaments which is cool, but adding some others in there won’t hurt!

Sometimes finding the white ornaments or the silver ornaments in different shapes may be more accessible. So you can simply have your blue ornaments be round and be your main show. Then your sideshow can feature some various shaped ornaments that are white or silver.

turquoise and silver ornaments on turquoise background

Don’t forget about the finish either. Have some matte, some glossy, some sparkle, some textured. I’ve even had some ornaments with feathers, and those are super fun!

Blue Lights

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the biggest fan of colored lights. Still, blue lights can be beautiful when they’re used to decorate your Christmas tree, especially if you have them in addition to your white or clear lights.

Blue lights can work with any Christmas decorating style you may decide to go with. Still, it would especially work well when you’re already creating a brighter Christmas color palette.

Blue Mantle Decor

One of the things I was most excited about when we first moved into this house was that we had a mantle to decorate. If you have a mantle in your living room, add some Christmas decor to get a festive feeling going.

Your mantle can be a great place for adding more blue Christmas decorations with more natural elements like garland or some Christmas tree clippings in a vase, and voila!

I know that the color blue may not be one of the more traditional colors to work with for Christmas, but who said you have to be traditional? If blue Christmas decorations are the way you want to go, live your dream, baby boo.

Blue can be an absolutely beautiful color to create a Christmas color scheme around, although it may not be what you think of when planning a “traditional” Christmas. Whether you decide to go the route of adding in some gold colors for some glam or keeping it simple and neutral with white decorations, you can undoubtedly allow some blue into your Christmas decor this season with these blue Christmas tree decorations!

white christmas tree with white presents and blue ribbon with blue background

We’ve all had a rough couple of years – get a blue Christmas tree, get a green Christmas tree, get yourself some authentic golden ornaments – whatever makes you feel the best, like you can just enjoy the season with family members and friends.

Regardless, just have yourself a fun Christmas! And that’s an order! 😉

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