Budget Friendly Guest Bathroom Ideas

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A roundup of 4 gorgeous bathroom remodels on a budget that are inspiring ideas for our upcoming bathroom remodel

I told you how we were planning this guest bath renovation for March/April. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT IS MARCH ALREADY?! I can’t.

And now I’m scared because this is going to be the biggest project we have undertaken yet.

This will be a bathroom remodel on a budget for sure and we have definitely started to drill down on some specifics that we are wanting to do, but for now, I have been enjoying the dreams of it being already done a la the internet.

I thought it might be fun to show what other bathroom remodels on a budget have been inspiring us before we share more specifically what our design plan is!

4 Budget Friendly Bathroom Ideas

1. Christina’s Adventures


Up first is Christina from Christina’s Adventures. Surely you’ve heard of her, but if for some reason you haven’t, check her out. She’s mom/house/life goals, but her bathroom redo has me drooling:

What we love:

The wood tones against the white, the vessel sink on the bathroom vanity, and light fixtures (to name a few).

Honestly, what I love most is what it used to look like. It just gives me so much hope for ours that we can really do this bathroom remodel on a budget – a real budget.

A sweet little added touch is fresh flowers in the bathroom. Anything to help with….scents that’ll be up in there.

This is only one photo, but she’s got way more on the post which is linked above.

2. Amy Lind Interiors


Next, we have this beautiful beast from Amy Lind Interiors

What we love:


The tile pattern on the floor and the square mirrors provide texture up against the white walls. I love the bold runner rug as well.

3. Blissful Designs

blissful designs white bathroom with wood look tile floor

This next bathroom from Blissful Designs gives me all the feels.

What we love:

The simplicity.

Yes, this will be our most used bathroom for both friends and family so we may not go with a full white bathroom, but still.

The round mirrors give the space some softness and give make this bathroom feel relaxing.  The wood look floor tiles are beautiful and add a nice neutral look to the all white bathroom.

While I love that light fixture, I know we will need more than just one light. Nobody can have good aim in the dark.

4. Thrifty Decor Chick

black and white wall tile bathroom with wood vanity and vessel sinks

Finally, let’s give it up for Sarah at Thrifty Decor Chick. Holy Moses in a straw basket.

What we love:

I love that the layout is similar to our bathroom. While our door doesn’t exist in the same spot, it’s a longer, more narrow bathroom.

I’m also pretty sure we will end up with a pony wall just like this because I have a sneaky suspicion we aren’t going to be able to open it completely up, but we’ll see.

Love the vessel sinks and L.O.V.E those mirrors! Having the bar on the front for hand towels is a great idea.

The wall tiles they used also may be making an appearance on our floors if we get feeling froggy 😉

pinterest bathrooms via Living Letter Home

We’ve been pinning like crazy to find inspiration for this bathroom remodel on a budget and have an entire board for what we’re liking for inspiration, so check us out over on Pinterest and pin with us!

We’ve got to answer things like shower curtain or glass doors? Subway tiles or penny tile? Freestanding tub or enclosed?

Speaking of bathtubs – If you’re curious how the heck to shower when you’re missing an entire bathroom, check out these portable bathtub ideas that I wish we would have known about sooner!

UGH. Making interior design decisions can feel like the most exhausting task.

We are getting dangerously close to having to start this so if you need us, we’ll be combing over every detail, pin, and saved image for every nook and cranny of our soon-to-be new guest bathroom! Send Taco Bell.

Dont forget it, pin it!
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  1. Carmen! What in the world – I am so not “goals” – bahaha I’m a hot mess 99% of the time! But you totally made my day – thank you so much for the super sweet shout-out!! I’d love to see your bathroom when you’re done!

    1. Oh goodness, well, hot mess, hot schmess. We all are. BUT I’ve been stalking your bathroom for a reeeeeeallllly long time and THANK YOU seriously for taking the time to reply! Means a ton! Thank you times a MILLION! I’ve got another post in the workflow coming that probably will shout you out again before I actually do this haha but I’m keeping my eyes on the prize which is a functional (MAYBE EVEN GOOD LOOKING) bathroom!

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