DIY Love Bunny Neighbor Gift

Tell all ya friends and neighbors!

This is both a great neighbor gift idea and a way to show love to your neighbors, even if it’s from a distance. If you have little ones, they’ll love to be a part of this fun twist on a neighborhood scavenger hunt

Looking for another DIY gift for your neighbors? Try this scented simmer potpourri in a jar. We made this as a holiday gift, but you could easily switch up the scents and make it applicable to spring or summer time!

DIY love bunny neighbor gift ideas

I’ve been surprising myself at how creative I have been in the middle of this world’s craziness. Some creative in hilarious ways like “how can I teach my child that she reeeallllly doesn’t have to yell everything she says” to DIY brain chilren’ I’m cooking up (and pumped to get working on) to little crafty crafts like this one!

A couple weeks ago, I would have never ever thought to post something like this. Not because I don’t love my kids or my neighbors, but just because I wouldn’t need things to occupy my kid because she’d be at school or we’d be going to the park or even more excitingly, going to Carowinds in a couple weeks with our season passes that we get every year. But here I am trying to think of a way to make a neighborhood scavenger hunt more fun and appropriate for a 18 month old and almost 5 year old.

I had a whole different Easter craft planned but maybe I’ll just save that for next year. 

This year, I wanted to find a way to get our family moving (very closely to our own home, obviously) and show our neighbors we love them.

DIY Love Bunny Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

We live in an incredibly family-friendly neighborhood. So much so that it’s stuff only seen on TV nowadays. We look out for each other. Our kids know and like and play with each other. Bike riding, dog walking, it’s just all so precious. It’s what drew us to this little Sunshine Shanty in the first place.

So, how can you “play” with your neighbors when you’re not allowed to be near them while you’re practicing social distancing? Well, you create a little neighborhood treasure hunt of sorts. It’s technically a neighbor gift because you’re letting them know you’re thinking of them, but these types of scavenger hunts for kids are a great way to get them off screens and get them to go outside. After all, even with a virus in the air, the weather has been superb around our town.


  • For the hearts, cardstock in colors of your choice (I just used solid red and pink 12×12)
  • For the bunnies, cardstock in fun prints or patterns if you have it. (I used the fun prints from Heidi Swapp which I got from Hobby Lobby but you can get it at Amazon too!)
  • Die cutter (I’m going to be using my Cricut Explore Air 2, but you can use a Silhoutte or good old fashioned scissors. Ha!)


First, you’ll want to find or upload a heart shape in your Cricut Design Studio.

cricut explore air 2 in mint

I wanted to make them pretty large, so I printed 1 per 12×12 sheet of cardstock.

cricut explore air 2 with red and pink hearts

Cut out your hearts on your cardstock in colors of your choice. 

heidi swapp scrapbook paper hobby lobby

Next, it’s bunny time. I have had the CUTEST collection of cardstock (similar here) burning a hole in my craft stuff for well over a year and was so pumped to get to use it.

Just like with your hearts, find or upload your bunny silhouette of choice. You could either choose a bunny head or just a full blown lil’ bun bun silhouette.

cricut explore air 2 cutting floral scrapbook paper

Since our hearts were about 7 inches from top to bottom, we made our bunny a bit smaller and made it to fit inside the heart and the final dimensions were about 4 inches tall.

little girl putting elmer's glue on bunny paper
little girl gluing flower bunny on heart

Attach your bunny to the center of the heart with some glue. Get your little ones involved in this if you can. The more invested they are in the project, the more likely they are going to love the idea of this mini “nature” scavenger hunt. 

DIY love bunnies printable
DIY love bunny neighbor gift

Once they’re all attached, now is the fun part. You take the free printable I made for y’all with the instructions on it and attach the little poem with a safety clip.

Now, this is illegal so if I’m ever called as a witness, I may lie under oath, but hopefully the law will forgive me this time because times are hard and we have to practice social distancing.

little girl putting love bunny neighbor gift in mailbox

Normally I would tell you to walk around your neighborhood and knock on the doors to give them directly to your neighbors, but since we are under hard times and doing our best to practice social distancing, I’m going to tell you to just slip this in their mailbox.

If you know there is a family that has little ones, make sure you hit that house because they will love this too!

The plan was to wait a couple days and then go for a walk in your neighborhood and see how many neighbors loved this great gift idea and put their love bunny on the front door. But my almost 5 year old actually had a really creative idea:

little girl writing neighbor house numbers in grass
little girl in grass writing on clipboard

Walk around and mark the house numbers where you left a bunny. Then take the same list out when you’re walking around and put a check mark by the houses that have theirs out! (She really did this because she loves writing check marks which is hilarious and cute and she’s only this little for so long). 

little girl writing house numbers for neighbor gift

If your kids are like mine, when they see a love bunny that they got to make on the front door of someone else’s house, you’ll think you just pumped them full of ice cream at a birthday party. Char LOST HER MIND.

Jo had no idea what was going on, but he’s usually pretty live anyway.

little girl holding love bunny neighbor gift neighborhood scavenger hunt

While it does feel a little bit disheartening that we most likely won’t be spending this holiday season around our friends and we are missing out on school fun activities, hopefully this neighborhood scavenger hunt is a great thing to add on your list of fun kids activities!

Most scavenger hunts for kids are a photo scavenger hunt of sorts where they have to find and match pictures from things outdoors, but if they’re not quite ready for that or just don’t want to do that, this is a great option for your younger babes.

little girl holding love bunny neighbor gift neighborhood scavenger hunt

This probably would even work around Christmas time and you made it a snowman or Santa or something. Maybe I’ll make one for winter too! Just might be harder to convince kids (aka me) to get out of the house and do this when I’m freezin’ my nads off.

DIY love bunnies are a great spring outdoor kids activity and also a great neighbor gift idea!

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