Creating Extra Storage In The Kitchen

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I took some wasted space under our kitchen cabinets that was previously a desk and turned it into some much needed open shelf kitchen storage

“I’ve got an idea,” exclaimed my husband as I was putting some finishing touches on our photo gallery wall.

In our kitchen we have this weird area that’s supposedly a desk or workspace of some sort.How we turned this into extra storage

This was a picture I snapped with my phone on our original walkthrough before we even owned the house. I had no idea we would have a blog at this point and no idea that we’d be changing this space around in small bits before we renovated it completely (in several, several years).

Anyhoo, Jordan’s idea was that we would never use this as a “desk” since we have an entire office upstairs, so why not take it and make some useable open shelf kitchen storage out of it?

How To Make Open Shelf Kitchen Storage 

We started by drilling several 1x4s that we had laying around to create a “base” for the open shelf and then laid a piece of plywood on top of that.How we turned this into extra storage

The painter’s tape was for another project we did which you’ll catch a glimpse of in a couple more pictures. You can see he also added wood for “brackets” to hold the top shelf.How we turned this into extra storage How we turned this into extra storage

Ahem, well, ahem, cat’s outta the bag. We kinda sorta painted our kitchen cabinets. I know, I know. I haven’t said anything yet because they’re not all done. They could be, BUT I HAVE TO PSYCH MYSELF UP TO DO THE REST OF THEM, OKAY?! It’s exhausting and not a short process at all. I’ll spare you the gory details for now since thats not why you’re here.

{Update: Read all the gory details of our kitchen cabinet painting here and here.}

So, yes, after I painted the cabinets, he added the top shelf which is just the same wood we used on the bottom shelf and a 1×2 that is acting as the front lip.

Just like that, that’s it! Wasted space to extra kitchen storage! This was literally so easy and the only reason it took so long to do was because I had to mentally prepare to paint the cabinets. Sheesh. BUT we’re able to have a functional open shelf kitchen storage where we once had a whole lotta nothin’!How we turned this into extra storage How we turned this into extra storage

Also, I know you may think we’re a buncha drunks over here because of all those wine corks, but those were actually all bought off eBay and they’re what people signed at our wedding. But also I do like wine.

I can’t believe we’re starting to swing hammers in just a few short days for the One Room Challenge! In case you missed it, I shared some plans already and am planning to share our final mood board in a couple of days!


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