Does The KonMari Method Really Work?

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If you’ve got overflowing drawers, chances are you’ve at least tried once to tame them. Have you tried the KonMari method? I finally caved and am sharing whether or not it can tame my WILDEST drawer!

Sweet lil’ baby KonMari and her tiny self came out a couple years ago and people lost their minds. It’s like everyone’s mama never taught them how to fold clothes.

To be honest, I never bought into the hype or watched the documentary, but I couldn’t help but see it and hear it everywhere.

I’ve had a certain way of folding clothes that has worked for me for quite some years now and just didn’t feel that I needed the illustrious KonMari folding method to change things up.

messy clothes in drawer

But I also have this drawer that’s just out of hand. Want to take a guess at what drawer this is?

If you guessed jammie jams, you’d be right!

I have a thing for jammies. I LOVE them.

But let’s get to basics.

What is Konmari folding?

If you’re unaware, the Marie Kondo folding technique involves folding clothes so that they stand upright on their own. It doesn’t matter if you’re working with a skirt or a long sleeved shirt, the method is in and of itself the same.

Marie’s book, Spark Joy, instructs readers how to fold everything from shirts to bras. WHO EVEN KNEW YOU COULD FOLD BRAS?!

Listen, Marie. I love you, but this entire drawer sparks joy for me. I could probably throw away my wedding dress before I got rid of anything in this drawer.

Maybe that’s a bit of a stretch but not much.

The point is to hang on to only sentimental items and through this life changing magic, your drawers will be well on their way to decluttering and organization miracles.

Or will they?

How to Konmari your drawers

empty Ikea Hemnes dresser drawer

Your first step is to empty your drawer.

pile of clothes on bed

Everything I love is right here on my bed.

This is where Tidying Up with Marie Kondo would tell you to go through this and remove anything that doesn’t spark joy.

konmari folded clothes

See the pile in the bottom left? That was literally the ONLY thing I was okay getting rid of.

The little pile on the bottom right is my painting clothes and errybody gotta have them if you’re into DIY projects like we are in this house.

Now starts the fun part of actually folding.

how to fold a tshirt konmari method folding

Marie tells you to lay your shirts out facing up, but since I actually have a lot of graphic tees in the same color, I flip mine over so that you can easily see them when they’re lined up in a drawer.

konmari folding method shirt
konmari folding method shirt

You start by folding one side in half way, and then fold the other side the same way. Make sure you fold the sleeve in as well like you see in the picture.

konmari folding method shirt

I was actually this far into the shirt folding when I realized if I kept going, I would never know which shirt it was, which is when I decided to flip the script and turn it over.

konmari folding method shirt

Marie will tell you to fold the “weakest part of the shirt in first.” WTF does that even mean, Marie? The weakest is the bottom part, but she says it’s the neck.

However, I did the bottom of the shirt up; again because this is a graphic tee and I wanted to be able to quickly see it at a glance. The real magic of tidying is that you can tidy however you see necessary, AMIRITE?!

konmari folding method shirt

So here are all my shirts Marie Kondo-ed. Can I tell you a secret. I knew by this point this was most likely not going to work, but I was hoping for a miracle from the book of life.

Just FYI, I have jammie jams that are currently in the dirty clothes.

Now is time for the moment of truth.

Will this actually work in my drawer?
konmari folding method folded clothes in Ikea Hemnes drawer

I put my shirts in first and I can already see the problem I’m going to run in to. There are too many to go front to back, but I can’t just have a row of 4 shirts chilling on their own. I’m already annoyed.

konmari folding method folded clothes in Ikea Hemnes drawer

I went ahead and added the rest of my clothes in here. This is short sleeve shirts on the left, pants on the right and more shirts and like “sleep gowns” in the middle.

Do you see the issue?

The huge gap in the middle. Why is this an issue?

konmari folding method pants and shorts

Because here are the clothes I have no room for. Long sleeve shirts on the left and shorts on the right.

I know what you’re thinking; you’ve got to pare that down some.

NO.Seriously, I was pretty ruthless getting rid of what I did earlier.

Ever wonder if Konmari REALLY always works? I tried it out and am sharing the results

Honestly, I have to say that the magic of tidying Konmari folding method did not work for me.

Yes, my drawers look “cleaner” at the moment but I know exactly what will happen and I’m gonna be looking for a shirt and mess it all up and it’s going to be a bigger disaster than when I didn’t do it this way.

I may tweak some things here and there or maybe I will get rid of more but as of right now, I really gave this my best shot and this was a BIG OL’ FLOPPIN’ FAIL for me.

And people wonder why I’m so skeptical of everything.

Tell me I’m not alone! Did the Konmari method fail for you too??
Can the Marie Kondo Konmari folding method really work for me? You may be surprised at the results!!

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  1. I’m working the method right now and I’m loving it. I’m hoping I still feel that way a month from now.

    1. I STILL try it to this day and most days it’s not beneficial. I just keep it up for consistency at this point ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  2. I spent 2 days folding ALL my clothes the KonMari way. I made a few tweaks here and there, but now I have a better idea of what I have and what I want to keep–i filled 4 garbage bags full of clothing I made myself part with, and I still have too much (I can’t pass up “designer” clothes from thrift stores). I sorted clothing not only into categories–pants, short sleeved t-shirts, etc. but also by color.

  3. I, too, FAILED! So what? I’m happy with my “unruly” drawers! (Ooops! That sounds a bit risqué!!) Anyhoo! All my tees and jammies are just fine for me the way they are, un-Kon-Mari’d!!

      1. Didn’t work for me bc I’m always in a rush. I don’t know why, I’ve been retired for over 10 years! I guess I don’t want my sofa to forget what my butt print looks like!

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