25 Clever Bathroom Organization Hacks for a Tidy Space

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Struggling to keep your bathroom organized?

Baby, I get it. I mean, if you’ve been around at all, you know we do our annual scary house tour and you have seen our bathrooms looking ROUGH.

clutter on bathroom vanity with wood mirror surround

See what I mean? Yikes.

But today I wanted to share some super easy ways to organize your own bathroom to make it a space that doesn’t make you wanna pull your hair out!

Clear Drawers for Storing Necessities

acrylic drawers on the bathroom counter with makeup and toiletries

Use clear acrylic drawers to easily see and access your hair products. No more rummaging through clutter! We have these stacking acrylic drawers from Amazon and they’re legit one of my favorite things in our bathroom.

All White Towels

stack of folded white towels

Keeping all your towels white not only gives a clean, cohesive look to your bathroom but also simplifies your laundry routine because you can just throw them all in the wash, they can be bleached to remove stains and maintain their brightness, and they match any decor, making them super versatile!

Keep Surfaces Clean

double wood vanity with 2 mirrors

I know this is a tough one and I’m also preaching to the choir, but having less stuff on counter surfaces make cleaning easier and create a more spacious feel.

Floating Shelves for Extra Storage

styled wood shelves over the toilet storage

Install floating shelves to display and store items without taking up floor space. We installed these in our own bathroom and they’ve been SO helpful. I even use them in our cleaning closet too for our favorite microfiber cloths.

They provide a modern look and can be used to showcase decorative pieces or everyday essentials, making your space both functional and stylish.

Magnetic Strips for Bobby Pins

Stick a magnetic strip inside a cabinet door to keep bobby pins and small metal items in place.

Baskets for Rolled Towels

white bathroom vanity with shelving over the toilet

Store rolled towels in decorative baskets on a countertop for a spa-like vibe.

Hooks for Hanging Bathrobes

3 towels hanging over small bench in large primary bathroom

Install hooks on the back of the door or walls for hanging bathrobes and towels.

Tiered Trays for Skincare Products

tiered tray with bathroom toiletries on it

Use tiered trays to organize and display your skincare products vertically, saving precious counter space.

Glass Jars for Cotton Balls and Swabs

glass jars of cotton balls and q-tips

Use clear jars to keep cotton balls, Q-tips, and other essentials easily accessible. This not only helps with organization but also adds a decorative touch to your bathroom or vanity area.

Plus, you’ll always know when it’s time to restock!

Baskets for Toilet Paper

Store extra toilet paper rolls in stylish wicker or wire baskets.

Over-the-Door Organizers

black mesh over the door organizer in the bathroom

Hang organizers over doors to add extra storage without using up precious floor space. This easy fix is great for making the most of small rooms, keeping your stuff tidy and within reach.

Apothecary Jars for Bath Salts

glass jar with bath salts on a floating shelf

Store bath salts and bath bombs in elegant apothecary jars.

Towel Bars with Hanging Baskets

gold towel bar with baskets hanging on it for bathroom organization

Attach attractive baskets to towel bars to create additional storage space for toiletries and towels.

Choose baskets that complement your bathroom’s decor for a cohesive and stylish look.

Drawer Dividers for Toiletries

open bathroom vanity drawer with dividers in it to organize bathroom accessories

Use dividers to keep toiletries and makeup neatly separated in drawers.

Stylish Soap Dispensers

chrome sink fixture on white countertop of wooden bathroom vanity

Upgrade to matching stylish soap dispensers for a cohesive vibe in your bathroom or kitchen. These dispensers not only look great but also add a touch of elegance and keep your space organized.

Decorative Trays for Perfumes

gold round tray with vintage perfume bottles on it

Place perfumes on decorative trays to keep them organized and displayed beautifully.

Lazy Susan for Beauty Products

lazy susan in the bottom of the bathroom cabinet with organized supplies

Use a Lazy Susan in cabinets to easily access all your beauty products.

Custom-Built Shelves in Niches

We took advantage of having drywall out when we redid our guest bathroom and made this useful niche next to the sinks! This thing gets used SO much!

Hanging Mesh Bags for Kids’ Toys

organized kids bathroom toys hanging in a mesh basket on the shower wall

It feels like kids toys take up every inch of a household, including a bathroom.

Keep kids’ bath toys organized in mesh bags that can hang on hooks or suction cups.

Rolling Cart for Toiletries

rolling cart with bathroom accessories

A compact rolling cart provides convenient mobile storage for toiletries, offering a practical solution for organizing toiletries or extra items you need (hint: think potty training).

Its wheels allow it to be easily moved as needed, whether you’re cleaning the bathroom or simply want to rearrange your space for better accessibility.

Under-Sink Pull-Out Trash Can

pull out trash can in bathroom

Install a pull-out trash can under the sink to keep waste hidden but accessible.

Over-the-Bathtub Caddy

large white soaker tub in front of 2 windows in primary bathroom

A bathtub caddy can hold books, candles, and bath essentials within reach while you soak.

Recessed Medicine Cabinet with Mirror

medicine cabinet in bathroom

Save space with a recessed medicine cabinet that also works as a mirror. This smart design keeps your essentials organized and looks great in your bathroom too. Win win!

Built-In Laundry Hamper

pull out hidden laundry hamper in bathroom

A built-in laundry hamper is great to throw your clothes or dirty towels in to before you get in or get out of the shower.

Acrylic Organizers for Drawers

acrylic drawer organizers in bathroom drawer

Use acrylic organizers to keep drawers neat and allow for easy visibility.

Small Potted Plants for a Fresh Look

black bathroom vanity with potted plant on top in an organized bathroom

Greenery is also good. And lemme be real with you – if you’re not a green thumb, no fear. Get yourself a lil’ faux plant and call it a day. People will get your drift.

Now I’m not saying by doing all these steps that you’ll have the perfectly organized bathroom all the time, but it may at least be a good start!

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