How To Clean Mini Travel Steamer

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An easy way to clean your mini travel steamer with one ingredient and only 60 seconds of your time

Since revealing our brand new laundry room last week, I’ve spent the last week or so trying to catch up on all the laundry. Really though. ALL THE LAUNDRY. Sheesh.

I mentioned in that post, but we do actually hang dry a lot of our clothes and not use our dryer. It just helps the clothes last longer and not shrink. But hang drying them also means we have lots of things that are wrinkled.

And ya girl don’t iron.

But what I do love is our little baby steamer.

We have the Joy My Little Steamer, but it’s discontinued. I found this one comparable on Amazon for about the same price and way better reviews than ours so you win! Ha!

One little issue about these little mini travel steamers:

Ew. You get mineralized water on the heating element if you leave water in here. Which I do because kids. Kids make me forget lots of things. So, sometimes there has been water that’s just sat in this guy and then I end up with this which makes me wanna vom.

How To Clean Mini Travel Steamer


  • Vinegar
  • Water


First, remove the top from your mini steamer (obviously).

Add vinegar, but make sure you only go halfway between your minimum and maximum line. Trust me on this one. It will be a spitting, wet mess if you overfill. Do as I say, not as I definitely did.

Flip your switch to the on position. This little mini travel steamer heats up in 60 seconds, so you want to make sure it’s you get this heated, but not boiling so that it tries to steam. Otherwise, your vinegar will start shooting out. I promise. Also, it will be very hot.

See where my vinegar is? Don’t fill it up to here. It’s too much. But the point here is when it’s done steaming but not yet boiling, turn it off. Using a towel, hold the top part and twist it off. Dump out the vinegar. Repeat this step as many times as you need to get the mineralized water off.

Add some warm water and allow to fully heat and run through all the steam 2 to 3 times.

Good as new! I know it doesn’t look “clean” but the heating element in mine is actually marblized so what may look like grossness isn’t actually grossness! It’s clean!

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Clean a mini steamer with one ingredient under 60 seconds! #cleaningtips

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