The Ultimate (Realistic) Guide To Barbie Storage Solutions

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Don’t think you have to have a huge budget and fancy products to store your kids’ small toys. Check out these super practical and CHEAPOLA Barbie storage solutions!


Practical Barbie Storage Ideas You’ll Use

Barbies aren’t really that overwhelming compared to teeny toys like Polly Pocket, Shopkins, or LOLs.

It’s their accessories that can overrun an entire nation in a matter of one playing session.

There are shoes and clothes and tiny cutlery and little pieces that make up parts of the wardrobe and pieces that make up the small kitchen.

There are little pieces to her car, tiny animals, and plants.

Barbie dream house sharing Barbie Dream House

Add in the Barbie Dreamhouse that comes with 100 of the TINIEST pieces, and the list can go on – just ask any parent who has a child who owns a few Barbies. It’s a doll, but with the doll comes a whole lot of junk!

So then the question becomes, what are some beneficial Barbie storage ideas to help tame the mess?

As we are trying to keep our playroom organized and somewhat tame when the kids aren’t using it to actively play, I decided to show what we do and some other super helpful ideas from around the internet.

What is the Best Way to Store Barbies?

The best way to store Barbies will depend a lot on you and your particular situation.

If you don’t have the budget to run out and spend a lot of money on unique furniture or storage ideas, please don’t. You can find simple storage solutions for Barbies that don’t take a ton of money and will still meet your family’s needs.

Barbie Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

If you don’t have a full-blown playroom (or even if you do), you can still have Barbie storage solutions that will help your kid stay organized but allow them to find what they need when the time comes.

Use zipper storage

small zipper bag full of Barbie accessories

These zipper storage bags have saved our lives in our house, especially in our playroom.

They hold a lot of things, but they’re really great for corralling the Barbie mess. Because every time you get a new barbie, she gets a new wardrobe, a new pair of shoes, some new accessories, a new dog, and all the dog accessories too.

You can use these zipper bags and separate all the accessories accordingly.

Try a shoe pocket holder

In case you weren’t aware yet, over-the-door shoe pocket holders are great for so much more other than shoes.

This is an excellent option if you’re looking for Barbie storage solutions for small spaces. You can hang it up in your kid’s closet or even in the middle of the playroom.

barbie storage ideas with Barbies in a pink over the door shoe pocket holder
Shoe Pocket Barbie Organizer via The No Pressure Life

Don’t tell them I said this, but some kids may even enjoy helping to put these away and can easily see what Barbie is missing when taken out. I will always tell you to label any and everything you can.

baskets with barbies and barbie accessories

Even if you have kids that don’t read, you can use pictures or other things that they may be able to decipher. With mixed-age kids, you can do both as we did on our DIY acrylic tags.

Utilize a small tackle box or craft box

small clear bin with pink top with Barbie silhouette head on it

My first attempt at taming her Barbies and small toys was a small clear container with multiple compartments that we could use to keep things separate.

But the more she got into Barbies, the more we had to organize. We could have graduated to a larger tackle box or stackable clear boxes like these clear boxes from Amazon, but we had a playroom and knew we would have space to work with.

Don’t forget under the bed

pink rug with white underbed storage container from Ikea

Not everyone has the luxury of having a dedicated playroom and so what may be difficult is finding storage in an already full little kid’s bedroom.

If your kid has a bed with a bed skirt or even a crib with a crib skirt, take advantage of that space! Add smaller, flatter bins or baskets that you can use under the bed that will allow your kiddo to access said Barbies but also be able to put said Barbies away when playtime is over.

For portable storage, try a rolling cart

Barbie storage ideas with rolling cart behind sectional couch
Barbie storage rolling cart via Mika Perry

I actually use our rolling cart to organize nursery/pumping supplies in our living room, but using a rolling cart for Barbie storage solutions would be an excellent alternative for smaller spaces or even in houses where your playroom is also a bedroom or an office.

How Do You Organize Barbie Dolls?

My favorite way to do this is baskets. While you can’t necessarily see them, the dolls themselves are larger, and so you can easily just toss them in a basket and move on your merry way.

rattan toy storage basket with barbies inside

You could also opt for smaller clear totes if that tickles your fancy, but if you have a smaller space, baskets are going to work the best.

To me, there’s storing, and there’s organizing. Storage solutions are just where the Barbies are housed. Organizing means meticulously separating things out and putting them in categories by colors, size, item, or other things.

Ultimately, the best way to store Barbies is by keeping them out of reach from small hands. With kids of different ages in this house, we have to be very careful about what toys we have where.

little girl reaching to touch barbie in Barbie Dream House

Some things that are fine in the toy room aren’t so fine in one of the common areas like the living room.

Barbie storage solutions come in all sizes and options and really depend on what kind of space you have and how much barbie stuff you need to control.

Baskets, zip bags, tackle boxes – whatever works for you and your family and allows the least amount of arguing when it’s time to clean up, I consider a win.

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