Small Front Porch Decorating Ideas for Fall

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Small Front Porch Decorating Ideas for Fall

Not gonna lie – our front porch leaves very much to be desired.

yellow cape cod with white double door

This is an old photo, but most of the time, when I look at the front of our house, I see all the things I want to change.

Our front doors, the color of the house, the landscaping, and the fact that I want to add a front porch that spans the entire length of the front of the house.

We’ve been busy updating the inside of our house with new bathrooms and baby girl rooms and haven’t started working on the outside of it too much yet.

But I figured I would reminisce for a few minutes about some small front porch decorating ideas for fall while we still have said small front porch.

Fall is a beautiful time of year, but it can be hard to decorate your front porch when you feel like you don’t have enough space.

Can you decorate a small front porch for the fall?

YES! The answer is a resounding YES! I’m going to do my best to give you all the tips and inspiration you need to have a fancy-schmancy fall front porch that you’ll love regardless of size.

In this instance, size does not matter. HEY-O!

Small Front Porch Decorating Ideas For Fall

Focus on the space you have, not the space you wish you had

small front porch decorating ideas for fall with white double front door and mums on front porch

We have a wider front porch, but we don’t have a ton of real estate. Although only one of our double doors is functional (*HARDEST EYE ROLL*), I want it to at least appear we have double doors from the front.

That means as much as I want to, I can’t entirely block the right side of our porch. It limits some things sometimes when it comes to decorating a front porch, but I’m happy to work with the space (or lack thereof) that we have.

Take cues from that. If you’re only working with an apartment door, that’s okay! Stick with basics like a fall wreath, a fall doormat, and maybe a couple lanterns and pumpkins on the side.

Layer your doormats

How to layer your doormats for fall graphic

I was searching on Etsy for something else entirely and came across some hilarious doormats, and it started me down the rabbit hole of this entire blog post where I talked about how to layer your doormats for fall.

I highly recommend it. It’s super easy and can add a bit more of that fall feel to your front porch, especially if you’re only dealing with one door and don’t have a ton of room on your front porch to work with.

The thing about layering doormats is it’s a great way to add personality to your fall decor outdoors. It lets people know what they’re getting into if they dare grace the front door of your home. Especially with a mat like my favorite I’ve seen that says “Gather….Somewhere Else”.

It’s all about presentation, people!

Mums the word

Here’s what I love about mums – You can get them literally anywhere in the fall. If you want to grab them from a full-blown nursery, you absolutely can.

mums in tall planter with fall pillow and small pumpkins stacked in front of white door and yellow house

However, if all you have access to is a grocery store, you can get them from there too, and they’re just as beautiful.

Our grocery store right down the street has mums out the ying yang. It’s like they try to entice you into coming in with their amber and red leaves, alluring you until you can’t resist anymore. Next thing you know, you’re leaving with 3 bags of Doritos and mums for your little baby small front porch.

orange flowers in white vase with pampas grass beside it

It doesn’t just have to be mums either. You can do things like pampas grass or a fall flower of some sort that you can get at a grocery store or even a Lowes/Home Depot type deal. Stick with your fall color palette and you’ll be just fine!

Or don’t, whatever. Non-fall color palette is totally fine and fun too!

If you have steps, line them with pumpkins

I immediately think of a brownstone or a row house in Boston where you have a tiny front porch in the middle of a city, but the few trees are shedding their fall-colored leaves on the sidewalk in front of your place.

Your tiny front porch is lined with pumpkins like it’s straight out of a movie.

small front porch decorating ideas for fall with pumpkins and small wreath
via Sarah Joy Blog

Orange pumpkins! White pumpkins! Spotted pumpkins! But seriously, adding a few pumpkins of varying sizes into your fall porch decor can create some great dimension and even give the illusion that your space is actually bigger than it is.

Pro tip: If you’re going with larger pumpkins, use a few. If you want smaller ones, feel free to bunch them together or stack them inside something like a lantern for a more layered look and feel without taking up much room.

Keep decorations small in size so you can add more if needed

In general, this is the best option. You can always add more if you feel it’s not enough, but you want the size to be on the smaller side.

Having a giant wreath when you only have a small front porch can feel a bit overwhelming for the space.

In contrast, having something small like a mini wreath or even just some festive pumpkins to decorate your small front porch will lead to a welcoming, cozy feel.

Along with the size, you want to remember that fall decor doesn’t have to be huge tacky signs and scarecrows and things that make it look like Hobby Lobby threw up on your front porch.

front porch with blue door and black bats decorated for fall and Halloween
via Twelve on Main

Keep your decor simple and easy to change out. Remember that fall encompasses Halloween, too, so you can make subtle changes to go from “spooky chic” to fall aesthetic.

I’m here to tell you if I can decorate my small front porch for fall, anyone can. I love seeing the looks from tiny apartment front doors to condos with a small landing to “bigger” small front porches like ours!

Regardless, it’s fall, and you need to let everyone around you know how much you enjoy the season, and the best way to do that is with great fall front porch decor.

So whatcha waiting for?

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