The Mauve Aesthetic: A Guide to Decorating With the Trend

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Inside: Mauve is the perfect fall neutral and here are some of the best furniture pieces to bring this gorgeous mauve color into your home


Decorating Your Home With Mauve

There are a lot of things I don’t want to come back in style.

Mom jeans. Gen Z, are you okay baby? It’s not cute.

However, when it comes to home decor things are coming back (in a better way) and I’m in love.

Wallpaper. LOVING wallpaper. We’ve used it in several places in our house and I’m not mad about it. Most recently in the girls’ room but previously in our office.

Another trend that’s getting hot out there is the color mauve.

Or as I am calling it “Mmmmmmmauve”. You know, cuz it’s yummy.

But because I’m a bit of a nerd, I love researching things and so I’ve done a lot of work researching alllll the things you can get to have to bring the mauve aesthetic in your home – regardless of whether that’s just with textiles like pillows or blankets or painting an entire room!

History of Mauve (The Nerdy Stuff)

I’m not going to nerd out on you too much, but I did want to give you this fun fact – did you know that mauve was the very first color created with a synthetic dye? Prior to synthetic dyes, most dyes were made with plants or shellfish. CRAY CRAY!

Not to mention, Queen Victoria wore a mauve colored dress to her daughters wedding in the 1800s and it caused quite the uproar (in a good way.)

What color is mauve?

Mauve is a deep pink purplish color and depending on the fabric can lean more pink or a more purple color. I did a deep dive into some awesome mauve paint colors if you’re interested to see how the color plays out on walls inside a home.

Mauve is a great color because it allows you to have pink in your home without the god awful bright pinks and it allows you to have purple in your home without you feeling like you’re chilling with a bunch of eggplants.

What are some ways to use mauve in your home?

It’s totally up to you, but you can be very subtle with mauve like a feature wall painted in a mauve paint color or a few decor or furniture items. It’s a great way to add color without going overboard on bright pinks or purples.

You could also use a lot of mauve in your home. The next time you’re doing a design project, take a look around at the home good stores and see how much mauve is out there. It’s ughhhh-mazingggggg.

Mauve Decor Items To Bring The Look Home

I’m not sure if you love it or hate it, but mauve is totally in and now I’m trying to find a way to get some of these things in our own home!

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