First Birthday Series: Biggie Smalls Party Shopping Guide

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This shopping guide will help you with your 90s theme party (namely a Biggie Smalls birthday party) with items you can get for cheap on Amazon!

90s theme party | Biggie Smalls theme birthday party

It’s full blown BIRTHDAY WEEK which means we are planning our son’s first birthday party. Well, we are finalizing plans because we have had this idea rolling since he was about 4 months old. I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since our little man was brought home and crashed our party in the best way!

We broke the record in throwing together the fastest nursery design plan and executed it in a few weeks. If you recall part of that design included some really fun art that I made (and made into printables for YOU FINE PEOPLE!)

In case you’re not hip like us, the line “It’s all good baby, baby” is from a Biggie Smalls song. And then it hit me. One day our smalls would be …. biggie. And in just a few short days that will be true.

Cue tears.

Now, here I am thinking I’m so creative and then just trying to search on Pinterest and I see that lo and behold, I’m actually not that creative. It’s been done before. But that didn’t stop me. I decided to stop searching and just start doing.

Biggie Smalls Birthday Theme 90s theme party

I made up his invites in Photoshop and got those printed with Basic Invite. I did an entire post on how I did that and you can check out how easy it was here! Now it’s time for shopping for supplies.

Now, we are having a Biggie Smalls specific theme, but really all the decorations I got would be great for any 90s theme party you or even rap theme party you may decide to throw! All of these things are things I actually bought and the best part is you can get them ALL from Amazon which means they can be at your doorstep in 2 days (but for me it was all ONE day!)

1. Crown Cookie Cutter – We actually got this a couple months back for our daughter’s princess themed birthday party but it’s great for a 90s theme party because you can use it to cut cookies or sandwiches like we did for our daughter’s princess party.

2. Candy Necklaces – These will be part of our favors. There’s a ton of ideas for 90s party favors like ring pops for bling or any kind of gold candy. I’m also going to be adding some mini Reese Cups in here because … well, they’re delicious and gold wrapped.

3. Gold Chain Balloons – You can use this for an arch or a great photo booth backdrop. Spoiler alert – they’re HUGE.

4. Gold Foil Curtain – Again, good for a photo booth backdrop or in a doorway or entryway.

5. Gold Chain – For the guest of honor. We’re planning on doing a cake smash session with this bad boy. We did one with our little girl in a pearl necklace so this is only fitting. It’s also fitting as party favors for your 90s themed party too.

6. Inflatable Boom Box – Great for decor. We’re planning on this being a centerpiece for us. I might even get creative and put our tiny bluetooth speaker on the back of it and make it sound like it’s actually coming out of the boom box. All Biggie songs for us, obvi.

7. Money Confetti – It ain’t a party unless ya MAKE IT RAIN, am I right? Our Biggie Smalls birthday party is no different.

8. Crown Cupcake Toppers – We had these from our daughter’s princess party. I mean, I couldn’t have scripted this better if I wanted to, ya know? Word to ya mother.

9. Money Bags – These will be what our 90s party favors are going in to.

10. Gold Crowns – These are on the smaller side, so great for kids or adults who like tiny hats.

What do you think? Are we crazy for doing a Biggie Smalls birthday party theme for our one year old or genius? I’m saying genius. Did I miss anything that you think should be a staple at a 90s theme party? I’d love for you to tell me in the comments below! Don’t forget to pin this for later for inspiration 🙂

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  1. Great post! I’m totally copying – but B.I.G. question for you (like what I did there?)…where or how did you get the money prints with your son’s face on them? Thanks so much!!!

    1. hahaha excellent pun. You’ve stumbled on the right place for a pun lover. I whipped them up in Photoshop! I found like a random template on Google search and just popped his face on there!

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