Scary House Tour 2022

Tell all ya friends and neighbors!

It’s that time of year for me to scare your pants off so you can feel slightly better about yourself – showing what our house looks like 99% of the time and not the tiny bit I share on IG or here!

kitchen with 2 glass pendants with stuff on island


Scary House Tour 2022

Before you judge me entirely, know 2 things.

1, I do this every year.

2, this is the worst it’s been in all my years doing this cuz we got a lot goin on.

We just got back from our first trip to Disney and had to immediately wash everything to get Jordan and I ready to go to Mexico for our 10 year anniversary trip.

On top of that, we are trying to get some bookshelves installed like we did in our playroom makeover upstairs but on a much larger scale so we have stuff quite literally everywhere.

But without further adieu, hold on to your butts.

Living Room

living room with kids toys and nugget in the floor and sectional sofa with laundry laying on it

All our dirty Disney laundry. Toys in baskets that have no home currently.

sectional sofa with laundry on it and nugget couches stacked

Really though, who needs a coffee table when you have the Nugget Couch, ya know?

And in case you were wondering, yes, the best place to keep a drill most definitely *is* on top of laundry on top of your really awesome brand new sectional.

Okay I’m kidding, but if you are curious about how to store tools without a garage, I wrote about it!


kitchen with 2 glass pendants with stuff on island

*tears of 1000 angels*

My kitchen. My poor, beautiful, recently remodeled kitchen.

I have made it a point to keep it as cleaned off as possible but when we have projects going on and have to keep things out of a baby’s reach, our quartz countertops are all we can use.

Laundry Room

laundry room with baseboards in it

Y’all this laundry room. She’s a hard workin’ lady.

And also a catch all for tools and toys that we have to take away for misbehaving children.

Guest Bathroom

2 white vessel sinks on black vanity with wood top

In the first scary house tour I did, we had a play saxophone in our sink.

This year, we were blessed to only have Charlotte’s hair brush.

I gotta say, this room really isn’t that bad.

We got Charlotte this acrylic earring holder for her 4382905 pair of earrings and of course, we had to put them in rainbow order because it’s Charlotte’s personality as a whole.

Josiah’s Room

toys on the floor of little boys room

All things considered, this room isn’t that bad.

dinosaur sheets and green comforter on white Ikea hemnes daybed

It’s mainly because this room is due BADLY for an upgrade.

I’m seriously hoping to get some ideas working in the new year, but boy rooms are HARD.

The Girls’ Room

shared girls room with floral and hunter green feature wall with white metal crib and vintage woven headboard

Charlotte has really gotten into her chore chart to earn points (aka money) and one of her chores is to make her bed and most times she likes to try to earn bonus points by picking up her room since a certain little sister destroys it.

So even though this is fairly clean, I can’t take credit for it.

Primary Bedroom

This stresses me OUTTTTT.

Our room is again, SERIOUSLY in need of an upgrade. One of those things that I would also like to tackle in the new year, but who knows what our story holds. Making house goals for the new year is sometimes great and sometimes disheartening.

white and gray stripe bedding on bed with cookie on bed

Here’s how you can tell Colli girl was playing on our bed: the half eaten cookie.

Nothing is sacred anymore.

white dresser with TV on it and a stack of diapers

A straight up disaster. It’s what happens when you unpack and are too tired to do anything with the things you unpacked at the time.

Primary Bathroom

view into bathroom with white tub and shower surround and gray hanging towel

Not too bad.

But also because it got cleaned before we went to Disney.

clutter on bathroom vanity with wood mirror surround

Ahhh, yes. There’s the clutter we know and love.

I would like to also point out that this goes to show you that a phase one remodel can really last you a long time!

If you weren’t around, that vanity top is CONTACT PAPER and it’s seriously still in perfect condition and we did our phase one remodel of this bathroom over 3 years ago!


play room with rattan daybed and DIY samsung frame TV

I finished the playroom remodel very soon after Collins came to join our family!

bookshelf with messy books and hello sign

Charlotte has really gotten into reading lately so I’ve been letting her come to our used bookstore with me and her bookshelf is getting slightly out of control.

playroom with DIY abstract art and barbie dreamhouse

I call this “clean messy”.

One of Charlotte’s chores is to clean this up daily, but our idea of clean is different.

However, to teach her independence and to not make her feel like everything has to be perfect, I allow her to clean without me hovering. So it’s not exactly how I would do it, but she’s 7 and I’m just grateful she is cleaning at all.

playroom corner with white play kitchen and dress up clothes

Again, not too shabby!


office with a messy desk

Bless it.

I really want to be able to use my office, but that iMac is super old and slow and obnoxious so why trek up the stairs when I can stay downstairs on my comfy sectional?

Guest Bedroom

closet with a vanity in it

This is a giant vanity. In our guest room closet. That’s been there for years.

Seriously go back and look at our other scary house tours. It’s gonna be there.

We are creatures of habit or something.

And by that, I mean my husband finds things on crazy sales and buys them and stores them in our house to drive me bonkers.

black iron bed with grey striped bedding

SO close. We do have guests stay here from time to time.

Bless them because I have GOT to get some window treatments in here. It’s super bright.

rattan headboard leaning up against a wall

If that headboard looks familiar, it’s because it’s currently in the girls’ shared room and when little mama gets to be in her big girl bed, we will have this for her bed.

Guest Bedroom

white bathroom vanity with striped wallpaper

I feel like if I just wait a couple more years, this wallpaper will come back in style.

But not for me lolz.

This is our completely untouched guest bathroom upstairs.

I have no clue when we’ll get to that but we will.

Whew. I’m tired. Just looking at all those pictures reminds me of how much cleaning I have to do before we leave for Mexico in a few days.

Yikes. Wish me luck

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