5 Easy Ways To Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger

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Working with 2 small bathrooms in our own home, I’m sharing easy tips and hacks to make your small bathroom look bigger

If you’ve been following along on my Instagram stories, you’ll see that we just wrapped up being in the throes of #cherrygeddon2019. If you’re wondering what that means, our one year old son decided it would be fun to eat about 32 cherries from the Hi Ho Cherry O Game.

Don’t worry. He’s completely fine and now we got to sift through his poo to make sure they passed okay. But it got me thinking of all things bathroom related.

We are SO CLOSE to being done with our own master bath refresh and I am itching to share it with you! In the meantime, I’m learning as we go some tricks that we’ve used to make our small bathrooms look (and feel!) bigger and I just wanted to share some of those tips with you all, my friends, my fam.

How To Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Paint Color

This is the easiest and most cost effective way to make your small bathroom look bigger. We have 3 bathrooms in this house and ain’t a single one of them what I would consider “big” except maybe the one upstairs that the internet hasn’t even seen because of its current state.

A caveat here to add is that I don’t think you need to necessarily do ONLY a bright white or gray; I think you could also do a fun color and it would still feel big, but for us, we chose a gray because ya girl is scared of color on walls. Both of our downstairs bathrooms are Benjamin Moore Gray Owl, lightened to 75%.

Choose Light Colored Towels

Okay, so I know in our guest bath we have these darker towels, but since they’re on a blank wall, it works. In our master bath, however, there’s not a lot of wall space and it was super important that we chose lighter colored towels to blend in and bring brightness at the same time.

Get creative with storage

If you are trying to make your small bathroom look bigger, chances are you need to utilize all the space you have wisely. We went with a double towel bar here to help give more space to hang stuff without adding unnecessary hooks. I’m trying to figure out under cabinet storage at the moment as we speak.

Hang your shower curtain to the ceiling

We’ve done this in both of our bathrooms so far and it makes a world of difference! This means you’ll need to get a longer than normal shower curtain, but they exist.

I promise you this makes your ceilings feel a jillion times taller which gives the illusion of the room feeling big. Even if you’re married to a 6’3 giant dude like me. Or if you are a 6’3 giant dude. Whatever.

Be minimal with decor

AKA chill out a bit here. Less is more. Especially when spaces are small and you’re working your hardest to try to make that small bathroom look and feel bigger. Every inch is valuable real estate and wasting it on some random thing just to try to make it look pretty can easily make it look cluttered.

With the open shelves and the niche in the guest bathroom, we had some play room here, but we still made it practical. When it comes to our master bathroom, since this wasn’t a full gut job, we have approximately 0.0 acres to put anything on.

So, soap and Q-tips only on the counter it is. Everything else can be put in the drawer or cabinets because we just don’t have space for anything cute. Maybe I can find a small little faux plant to green up this joint, but I’m digging the freedom of not having anything on these counters right now.

As we continue working on our bathroom refresh, I’d love to know – what are your tips for making your small spaces look and feel larger? Oh, and while I’ve got you, any super cool hacks I need to know about organizing under the cabinets in here? I’ve got some ideas but I want something to CHANGE MY LIFE, ya know what I’m sayin?!

Use these tips to help your small bathroom look and feel bigger! #smallbathroom #bathroomdesign #smallbathroomideas

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