Build Your Own Farmhouse Sink Base Cabinet

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How to build a DIY base cabinet for your farmhouse sink. This is a great tutorial to build your own if you don’t have room for a standard base cabinet

I hope you aren’t sick of it yet because I’m still shouting from the rooftops that we finally have our laundry room done! It was a super long six weeks and I was worried at times that we wouldn’t even be able to get this finished, but we did! We found out yesterday we didn’t win the competition, but the real winner is our laundry room or something.

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I have not so secretly always wanted a laundry room with a sink in it and now that we have one, I am awestruck. I don’t think I could go back to not having one! It’s not just any sink, either – it’s a white fireclay farmhouse sink. Pardon my drool over here.

Our problem is that Sinkology recommends a normal sized based cabinet, which for reference is 30″W x 24″D x 34.5″ H. We didn’t have room for a cabinet that size, so we had to do a little finaglin’ and build a DIY base cabinet for ourselves. And by that I mean Jordan did and I took pictures.

For reference in this build, the final measurements for our cabinet are 27.5″W x 22″D x 34.5″ H.

How to build a DIY base cabinet for a farmhouse sink



*Please note that your measurements may differ, but I’m including the steps so you can measure on your own.

First, take your 2x4s and build your “base”. You can see here how we built ours but this part is the easiest. Measure your 2x4s to your needed width and length and then just screw them together. You can see the screws here at the front left and right corners.

building farmhouse sink cabinet

Once the base is built, you’ll cut your 3/4″ plywood to sit on top of the 2x4s and screw them in. Your plywood will be offset from your base and we used the normal cabinet overhang measurement which is about 2-3 inches.

After the base is built, build your 2×4 supports for the sink. The good news is if you get your sink from Sinkology like us, they include directions in exactly how to do this! The point of building this is to set the height you want your sink to be. Ours was 34 1/2″ high. We put the sink on to test and it was perfect!

Next, you’ll want to take your 1×3 to trim out the top (right under the sink), your 1×4 for the bottom and a 1×2 for each side.

You’ll want to be sure that your trim pieces are level before you nail them in because this will be the base for your doors that you’re going to build that I forgot to get a picture of while they were being built. Oops.

ana white diy cabinet door

To build the doors, we followed this detailed guide from Ana White and we all know she’s the real queen of this kind of stuff in this DIY world so I ain’t even tryna reinvent a wheel over here. I painted the doors and cabinet in my new favorite color, Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay. Drool. I can’t get over how much I love this color.

How To Install A Farmhouse Sink

Now comes the fun part! The install of our farmhouse sink! Once the doors were made and painted, we installed the sink and faucet, following the exact details outlined in our kit we got. The install actually went insanely smoothly!

I love that Sinkology sinks come with all the things you need to care for them, including a little scrubbie and cleaning solution.

Jordan cut the top piece of wood and installed the faucet. Not just any faucet, though. This is one of those million dollar faucets that you can wave your hand in front of to turn it on or off. It’s awesome.

Oh, just a random pro tip: Farmhouse sinks are INSANELY heavy. Like I was a bit unnerved by how heavy because I felt it was going to break the wood somehow and fall and shatter. But no falls so far and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere!

Did I miss anything? Let me know if so, but if you need me, I’m seriously drowning in laundry (still) so I gotta get to it.

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  1. Just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for this post! I used it to build my own very similar cabinet with a farmhouse sink for my laundry room. I studied this thing for months before I had the guts to get it done and it looks amazing!! Still doing finishing touches, but I am so pleased & so proud of myself!

    1. Hi there. The dimensions are listed in the post. We did them to fit exactly our space and the sink, so yours may vary!

    1. It’s actually just wood that we painted white! We wanted to do like either white concrete or like paint it to make it look like faux marble, but we were running short on time (and most definitely patience haha)

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