Small Laundry Room Reveal

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Our small laundry room reveal and room tour, showing you what we were able to accomplish in just 6 short weeks to totally transform our most used room in need of some love.

It’s absolutely nuts how much can change in 6 weeks. Paint colors, tile choices, and minimal decor. Well, not just the room, but just life.

To see our laundry room makeover progress you can click any of the links below to get filled in!

When we first humbly accepted the invitation to be a finalist in the Jeffrey Court renovation challenge, we had no clue that we would be gone for 3 weeks out of the 6 and that my husband’s job would look drastically different, making us spin on our heads for the better part of a month. Eek.

But we didn’t let it stop us AND I AM SO GLAD WE DIDN’T BECAUSE WE GOT OURSELVES A LAUNDRY ROOM! As a reminder, here’s our humble beginnings:

And today, looking in, here’s what you see!

A laundry room designed now come to life! Can you believe it? I can’t, but now this means that I have to actually do laundry again. I’ve almost gotten used to not doing it but I’m also about out of underwear and we have dirty clothes comin’ out the wazoo, so there’s that.

Enough about my glamorous life, let’s get into a little bit more detail of how this space came together. I will give sources along the way, BUT I’m going to be doing another detailed source list in another post so keep on the lookout for that. I’m going to be sharing it with my readers on the mailing list FIRST so you want to sign up NOW to have access to that earlier than the rest of the world!

Small Laundry Room Reveal Tour

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Because I feel like so much of our house has crap just literally EVERYWHERE, I wanted to feel a sense of being able to take a breath in this space. It’s truly crazy how much you can fit in a small space.

So, we went with light colors and clean lines and not a whole lot of home decor. Mainly because immediately after this post is done and these photos are live, this place will look like a bomb went off with our dirty clothes.

I feel like we are super old fashioned, but we actually rarely use our dryer. Okay, maybe rarely is the wrong word, but we actually hang dry 90% of our clothes on a drying rack. Yes, it saves on energy, but also it helps my clothes to last longer – ya know, like my favorite 49 cent leggings. We are all about basic functionality over here in these streets.

We picked up our hangers at Target and we totally could have done a DIY hanging bar similar to our West Elm inspired curtain rods, but we just decided to get this one from Amazon so that we could devote more time to our gorgeous tile installation! Speaking of tile …

Floor and Wall Tile

Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay cabinet base with white farmhouse sink in laundry room with built in washer and dryer

Seeing this giant floor tile and this fish scale mosaic tile from Jeffrey Court up and in a finished space just gives me all the feels. Yes, it’s still a different flooring to keep in our running tally of 11 flooring types in our house, BUT at least it’s gorgeous!

Functional and Practical Laundry Room Storage

We need lots o’ stain remover in this house. I mean lots. But we also use water to spritz clothes to refresh them before throwing them in the dryer. In our old laundry area, we just hung ugly plastic bottles on our wire shelving, but we wanted something prettier for this space. So, we DIYed our own open shelving for basic functionality and I’m in love.

I got one of those really cute label makers to make the labels on the bottles and just added them to these amber spray bottles that are incredible quality, both from Amazon!

My husband uses a dryer sheet LITERALLY every morning, but we thought now is as good of a time as ever to try the dryer balls. (Ha. That’s what she said). He’s tried them in the past and didn’t care for them, but we are giving them a whirl now! The glass container with the clothespins and the one with our balls (Ha. I said balls again) are both from Hobby Lobby.


This room had a lightbulb with exposed wiring for 2 years, so any light is an upgrade, but we love this one we chose for this space! We have a window in this space so luckily, we don’t need a ton of light unless it’s at night.

Why stop there though, ya know? Go big or go home or whatever. We also added these 2 sconces above our shelves that are a great addition and guess what my genius husband did?

Yup. He added a switch and an outlet UNDER THE CABINET that he also built so that we could easily flip it on here without having to add a switch to the wall! I love it! Okay, let’s talk about this new farmhouse sink and cabinet addition for a second.

Adding a Cabinet and Farmhouse Sink In Your Laundry Room

Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay cabinet base with white farmhouse sink in laundry room

One of the things I have always wanted in a laundry room is a sink next to our washer and dryer.

Nevermind the color we chose paint this and how perfect it is, but JUST LOOK AT THIS! Having a sink in here is going to be a GAME CHANGER. So many times we have stained clothes and need a place to soak them and we end up having to use our bathroom sinks and so now instead of making those all grody while they soak, we can use our GORGEOUS fireclay sink!

I plan on doing a full review on this after we have had a chance to use it and get a feel for it in our space, but for now just know this: Not only is this sink a showstopper, but the faucet is one of those wavy faucets where you don’t have to touch it to turn it on!

I FEEL SO RICH! It’s the little things, y’all.

HOWEVER, this sign could not be more true so now I have to stop rambling and drooling over how much I love this space and get back to actually USING IT. I sincerely hope that this will give you all the small laundry room ideas you need to create a functional space for yourself!

Don’t forget, we are in the running to WIN a $5000 so please don’t forget to head over to the Jeffrey Court site and make sure we stay in the running! You can vote up to once per day until Sunday!

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  1. “I love bathroom renovation! For me, this is a special place in the house. I am sure you will agree with me that the renovation and decor in the bathroom is very different from the decor in the living room or bedroom. I do not understand how people can not attach importance to this place in the house. Even though we spend at least 2 hours a day in the bathroom. Every day we start and end with the bathroom. I strive to make it comfortable. I really like your interior, especially the tiles on the walls! Tell me how much it cost you to decorate the walls?
    P.S. Thanks for the great post!”

  2. Just voted for you! I have a little, bitty house too! 1100 sq. ft with 2 adults, 6 cats and 6, yes, 6 litter boxes, 2 of which live in my laundry room. The other 4 are in our guest bedroom, so, yeah, we don’t actually have a guest room, because who wants to share a bedroom with the cats “business boxes.” The cat tree is also in there. Love all the inspiration!

    1. hahaah “business boxes” that got me good!!! thank you so much for voting and I’m SO GLAD you can use us for inspiration 🙂

  3. WHAAAAAAT?! It is SO pretty!!!!!!! I absolutely love the floor and the cabinet color and the sweet little “love and laundry” sign. Y’all rocked it!

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