Kitchen Remodel Update

Tell all ya friends and neighbors!

Our kitchen is officially blown up and I’m sharing the process so that you know HGTV is a big old liar


Kitchen Renovation Update Walkthrough

At this point, I would rather be seeing the before of our kitchen.

Honestly, seeing our kitchen in this state is not exciting at all – all I see is dollar signs and all I feel is panic.

So let me share some of that panic with you, yeah?

temporary wall in kitchen renovation

This is the view looking at our front door.

That wall that is to the left of that front door is where our old gallery wall used to be that is now empty.

You can also see the entrance of our hallway to the left as well where we took on one of our first DIY projects in here – our board and batten.

whitewashed brick fireplace

This is our living room and this view is a drastic difference as well.

studs in kitchen renovation

Annnnnd here’s where the panic sets in.

Standing at the front door, here’s the current view. Yikes.

Ceiling gone, drywall gone around the bay window that will soon go away, floors gone and the temporary wall up.

temporary wall in kitchen renovation

However, even though we currently have a temporary wall up, it still already feels so open.

The temporary walls are on either side currently bearing the load of our entire upper floor.

You know, where the very newly redone playroom and my office sits.

temporary wall in kitchen renovation

Standing at the corner of our hallway, this is the view of our baby girl, our side door that we use as our main way in and out of our house and Jordan on the floor doing math so he can calculate linear feet for kitchen cabinets.

Right in the middle of this photo where you can see the studs are cut is where the beam is going to go, to the left of that door.

bay window in kitchen renovation

This photo also makes me super nervous. We are losing the big bay window in our kitchen and will be putting in a single window to match our existing one.

I’m not entirely sure what that means for the screened in back porch just yet, but that’s a different project for a different millenia. After this kitchen, I’m not ready to take on another huge project just yet – even though we aren’t doing most of the work in here.

Here’s some more views of our temporary wall that will be holding our 20 foot gigantic steel beam in our kitchen.


I think once we add the beam and can get some drywall up, I may feel a bit better but for now, I’m going to go stress eat Taco Bell.

Pssst. You guysss!! IT IS FINISHED! And I’m in love with it. Jury is still out on whether the panic was worth it, BUT WE ARE DONE! You should really come check out the kitchen transformation because I can hardly believe it’s the same space!

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