Archie Update Walkthrough

Tell all ya friends and neighbors!

Our second flip house is coming along and today, I’m showing the great progress that’s been made!


Archie Update Walkthrough Tour

I’m so happy to see the progress so far in Archie.

exterior of flip house

When we first met him and shared him with you, he was a tired old bird.

Oh, and inside? Absolute shambles.

interior house down to the studs

I’m talking holes in floor, no walls, random school chair and pill bottles S H A M B L E S.

But we’ve taken some strides, done some work and while we have a long way to go, he’s cleaning up good!

Archie Walkthrough Update


white bungalow with black shutters
back of white house with wood deck

When we shared our secrets to house flipping for beginners, we also shared lots of lessons we learned on our first flip. One of those being starting exterior work much sooner.

For once, we took our own advice and did that!

We added siding and built this back deck early on, which we feel was the right move.


Living space

white vinyl siding and white wood front door

Instead of a piece of plywood here, we finally got a real front door.

drywall in a flip house with shiplap over fireplace
drywall in flip house investment property

When you open that front door, now here’s what you see. Drywall, window casings and baseboards and shiplap over the fireplace.

While we did intricate molding at Beverly, we opted for a very simple molding here since the house is in a different location and has a different audience than Beverly did.


galley kitchen with white countertops

Since this is a shotgun house (meaning the house is longer than it is wide, we are working with a galley kitchen and I am loving how it’s turning out!

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We went with a simple white shaker cabinet with a butcher block countertop.

And instead of going with tile on a backsplash, we opted for the shiplap to give clean lines. We plan on keeping this all white since it’s smaller so that it will feel brighter and open, but adding the butcher block gives a bit of warmth to the space that we love.

wood glass pane door

This is the new door that leads you out to the back porch and we loved it so much we snagged one for our own house! As part of our kitchen renovation, we have to change out our porch door and we will be using this exact one!

And if you can peep that blue tape with the price on it, this full wood glass pane door was $150! A STEAL. Some wood doors like this can run $500+ easily.

Guest Bathroom

drywall in flip house investment property

Right off of the main living space is the bathroom that sits in between 2 of the bedrooms.

drywall in flip house investment property

You can see here I’m standing in the corner of the living room next to the fireplace and the room with our contractor in it is guest bedroom 1, the doorway to his left is bathroom and guest bedroom 2.

drywall in flip house investment property

It’s blurry, but you can get the idea. We have a tub in here, will tile all the walls and out of frame to the left is going to be your toilet and vanity.

Guest Bedroom

drywall in flip house investment property

I only photographed 1 of the 2 guest bedrooms because our contractors were working in the other one hanging the closet door and I didn’t want to disturb them.

But you get the drift – they both look exactly like this.


drywall hallway in flip house investment property

I know this may be weird, but aside from the kitchen, this is my favorite part of the house is this hallway.

I just envision a dark color paint on the end of this hallway and a cute bench or table with framed photos vertically on that back wall.

*squeals internally*

Primary bedroom

We wanted to do something interesting in the primary bedroom, but a shiplap wall didn’t make sense in here because this is one of those rooms where the bed could go on either of 2 walls so we wanted to leave this up to the homeowner.

I can’t wait to see how Archie is gonna look all cleaned up and dapper. Make sure to stay tuned so you can see him too!

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