DIY Built In Washer And Dryer

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Create a more organized feel in your laundry room with this DIY built in washer and dryer following these easy steps

I know, I know. Another laundry room related post. I just can’t help myself. We had a lot of great DIY projects along the way that made up the entire reveal of the space and I just can’t not share them with you. That’s the whole reason this blog even exists. I mean hellur!

The photographs here are less than my favorite, but it’s all I could do working on a super tight timeline. Anyhoo, lesss do it!

DIY Built In Washer and Dryer

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In case you need it, this is the exact clamp we use. This thing has paid for itself a MILLION times over. It makes life so much easier to just be able to use this and a small circular saw rather than drag out a giant table saw for smaller projects!

Steps to your own DIY built in washer and dryer

*For reference, our countertop is 58″ long by 28 1/2″ deep. All our cuts are according to these measurements.

You will first want to measure for the length you need for your countertop. For us, we needed ours to be 58″ long, so that’s what we measured to.

Clamp your cutting edge down and use your circular saw to cut the desired length. Don’t forget in your measurements to account for the width of the guide on your saw which is what you can see J is measuring for in the picture above.

Repeat the same steps for the side piece of wood. Our side piece was part of a cabinet for our new farmhouse sink, so you can see more details of that in the post breaking down how to DIY your own base cabinet.

Next, stand up your side piece next to your washer or dryer to help gauge the height of where you will place the finger joint and 2×3 as your support for the washer and dryer countertop. Add your finger joint to the top with a finishing nail gun.

Measure your height and add a matching finger joint piece of wood to the opposite wall. Your counter will rest on this.

Measure the length for your 2×3 and then attach it. For us, we had an outlet that we had as you can see on the wall. Since this was going to be covered up, we just cut 2 pieces to fit on either side of the socket.

Paint your side piece as well as your 1×2 finger joint in the color of your choice. Ours is Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay. Use your 1.5″ corner brackets to attach the piece to the wall in the corners.

sherwin Williams Oyster Bay cabinet in laundry room

Test your top and make sure it fits the way you’d like for it to. Once you’re sure it fits, attach a 1×2 finger joint around the front edge with your finish nailing gun.

How To Install DIY counter

Want to know a secret? This part was actually a giant fail for us. Our plan was to use the same marble contact paper that we used for our master bathroom vanity makeover which we loved! All the reviews we read said it stretched and it did! You just pop it with a hairdryer and it will loosen and stretch. We were effectively halfway through with covering the countertop….

And it ripped. And this was THE WEEK this laundy room reveal was due so there was nothing else we could do except plan B. We were so sad, but we decided just to paint it plain white.

After priming it using our favorite Wagner paint spray gun, we used Rustoleum Chalk Paint in Linen White. This was actually a blessing in disguise because now it kind of looks like white concrete counter tops which I can fa SHO get down with!

What do you think? Did we make a good call with the white top? What would you have done if it was last minute and your plan A got ruined? I’d love to hear from ya!

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  1. I noticed you do not have a center support. Has there been an issues since you installed it? Mine would be 59″ wide, but 32″ deep so wondering if I can get away without a center support!

    1. Not at all! Our washer and dryer are right next to each other so we didn’t even really have a space for a center support. We’ve had zero issues and we use it every day. Even with heavy stuff on it like an infant car seat! Hope that helps!

    1. Great question! It’s SUUUPER heavy but we just sat it on there because we wanted to be able to move it if we needed to like to shut the water off or something should the need arise.

  2. Wow your laundry room is beautiful!! I think the white countertop looks great and I am absolutely in love with that scalloped wall! You are a seriously talented pair!

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