7 DIY Kitchen Ideas on a Budget

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If a full gut job kitchen remodel isn’t in your budget, here are some budget friendly DIY kitchen ideas you can knock out to make your kitchen a space you love


Budget Friendly DIY Kitchen Ideas

As we are currently in an Airbnb while our kitchen is being ripped apart, I can’t help but to think back on all the super awesome DIY projects we got to do in this space.

Which really reminded me that you can do a lot to your kitchen in a budget friendly way if now isn’t the time to tear your kitchen down to the studs.

Here are some super easy, DIY friendly projects you can copy to get a kitchen you can live with comfortably until you can get the kitchen of your dreams.

Spruce Up Your Kitchen with These DIY Ideas

How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets

SW white upper cabinets Sherwin Williams Peppercorn lower kitchen cabinets

This wasn’t a project I really “planned,” so I took it in two phases. I painted the lower kitchen cabinets first and then let that breathe a bit and tackled the uppers.

Painting your kitchen cabinets can make a HUGE difference in your space, whether you’re working with a huge kitchen or a small kitchen.

If you don’t have the brain space or desire to paint your cabinets, even just sticking some new hardware on it can make a huge impact for not a lot of money.

Get rid of useless space and make it meaningful storage

How we turned this into extra storage

This was an open desk area when we first bought this house and we figured we would never use that since we had an full office area upstairs so instead, we DIYed this shelf and made some easy extra kitchen storage.

Utilize open shelves

styled DIY open shelving in the kitchen

Instead of having a weird, lone cabinet we decided to create some more appealing shelves. If you’re looking to create DIY open shelves of your own, this is a great easy beginner project!

Get creative with coffee storage

K cup holder DIY storage in drawer with Trader Joe's decaf coffee pods

If you’re like us, countertop space is precious. I didn’t want to take more space with one of those k-cup organizers so instead, we utilized a longer drawer in our kitchen to create this DIY k-cup drawer storage. With the help of a little bit of marble contact paper, this was a drawer that got used nearly every day and stayed organized!

Maximize your food storage

DIY wood pantry can organizer with cans

Looking for another super simple beginner woodworking project? Try these DIY pantry can risers!

This was a project born out of necessity, coupled with the fact I didn’t like any of the plastic options I was finding in stores. So instead, we made them out of wood and stained them the same color as the shelves in our pantry!

Don’t let your lack of pantry stop you

small organized pantry closet with dark gray door

Of course everyone wants the super huge butler’s pantry with a secret door, but that wasn’t an option.

If it’s not an option for you either, then turn a tiny closet into an organized pantry! We made over this whole pantry, including shelves, shiplap, paint, and organization supplies for $100!

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Keep kitchen cleaning products close and organized

storage shelf with duster and dust pan

Having a space to store your cleaning supplies close to your kitchen can help you keep your kitchen clean. If you don’t have room to create a DIY standalone cleaning closet like we did, you can instead opt for some awesome organizing products under your kitchen cabinets.

These were some of the few projects we did in our house but there are also things like changing out light fixtures, throw on a fresh coat of paint, or maybe add a backsplash tile. These things can take an outdated kitchen and update it for a modern look with a big impact!

Just remember, if you’re on a limited budget that is okay! You’ll just need to get creative and you can still make the kitchen, the heart of the home, match your personal style

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