5 DIY Practical Christmas Gifts

Tell all ya friends and neighbors!

If you’re looking for a gift to give someone else that is practical, inexpensive, and ones that you can DIY, this list of 5 Christmas gifts is for you.

Listen, my spiritual gift is NOT gifts. I’m all about acts of service, but what is unfun is that my husband LOVES gifts. He loves giving and getting them. He’s also like the most thoughtful gift giver ever. Like this gift he gave me on his return from a trip recently for example. So simple, but so meaningful. Which is cute and everything until I try to be thoughtful in return and I’m all, “I got you this …. bird because …. it’s got wings and …. you’re the wind beneath my wings.” Then I break out in song and wait for the thank you to roll in. Spoiler alert: they rarely do.

All that to say, I am alllllll for gifts that are practical. Especially when you want to give something to someone that you may not know that well. Since I’m part of this really fun Deck The Home Blog Hop, I shared a gift idea of Christmas potpourri but today I wanted to share a round up of 5 more practical gifts that you can give to some friends or neighbors this year.

Alcohol anyone? Let me tell you. Alcohol (for the right gift receiver) is always suuuuper practical! AMIRITE?! This Christmas cocktail basket from Christine over at My Kitchen My Craft created this super cute cocktail in a basket and I love it.  Now, when I saw these I actually giggled out loud. The seasons greetings and the salt and pepper saying cordial hellos just got me. I think Laura knocked this gift idea out of the park.
For those who may not be in to the cocktail kind of a gift, you could always go for the more G rated cocoa basket! I love that Rebecca laid a cozy blanket in the bottom too for some padding/a gift within a gift! Another great idea is this plate! I love a good old fashioned kitchen dance party and I feel this could be a really inexpensive option for a gift as well but is personal. It also holds food and anything that holds food is practical in my book. You know…like my hands. Or as I like to call them, “burrito forks.”Last but surely not least is this super cute and practical plant holder. The reason it’s so practical is because if the person getting this gift is a black thumb like me, you can stick something in there that won’t die … Like your child’s crayons. Or you could even put this in a bathroom with something like cotton balls in it or something! The possibilities are endless. 

Ta da! Hopefully you’ve got some creative juices flowing and your cheerful hearts going.

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