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Primary Bathroom Refresh Design Plans

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Budget friendly master bathroom refresh design plans that include easy DIY projects and smaller projects you can do to create a big impact with a low cost

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master bath refresh design board

Well, the working title of this post was “Holy crap are we crazy? We are tackling another bathroom renovation. Send help or Jesus or both.” But that just seemed too long so I changed it.

Let’s be real – even though our guest bathroom was/is a beautiful disaster, the idea of tackling even a phase one bathroom refresh gives me the heebie jeebies.

That thing was supposed to last 6 weeks and instead lasted 11 months and at the time I didn’t know what a portable bathtub was so I was SEVERELY missing out.

In fact, I said it would be a very long time before we did something that big ever again unless we pay someone else to do it. And I mean that. But since we have to use this bathroom every single day, I figured it might be time to not hate to be in there. Even if we don’t have it in the budget to gut this and pay someone to put it back together.

Before I show you what our plans are, I want you to be able to get a better picture (literally) of why we’re even doing this in the first place.

master bath refresh BEFORE
master bath refresh BEFORE
master bath refresh BEFORE
master bath refresh BEFORE

I mean, yikes, right? RED countertops. Eek. From what I can tell, the average cost of a bathroom remodel is way on up there, but I’m here today to share some of our budget friendly plans with you!

Master Bathroom Refresh Design Plans

Budget friendly master bathroom refresh design update plans

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  1. Barn door – We actually plan on making one because the price tag of this one is close to the entire budget we want for this bathroom and that’s just crazy.
  2. Vanity light – The truth is Jordan doesn’t like a vanity light, but the other truth is, there’s not much of an option at this point. This one we chose is easy to get and one of the cheaper ones we found!
  3. Framed mirror – We aren’t buying a mirror. We’re just going to frame out the existing one we have.
  4. New faucet – Now look, if you see the MSRP on this bad boy, you’ll call us crazy and you’re right. So, this is mainly a placeholder for what style we are looking for. And this also is subject to change because right now we have a one lever spout so we have to take it apart and even see if this is doable, but we haven’t done that yet.
  5. Vanity – Again, not getting a new vanity. Nor are we getting a new countertop. We’re going to be attempting the whole concrete overlay thing. Actually number 5 and 10 go together because number 10 is the color we’re going to be using to paint this bad boy. More on that later.
  6. Shower faucet – Same as number 4, mostly a placeholder for the style we’re thinking of, but also depends on plumbing.
  7. Peel and stick marble tile – We were so pleased with this in our office when Jordan had the genius idea for a DIY fancy chair mat that we decided to use this for our own bathroom floor. Pretty stoked about this.
  8. Peel and stick mosaic for vanity – Wait what? Yep. I had a crazy random idea about putting peel and stick tiles in the base of the vanity for a nice little pop but also because I feel it may be easier to clean than that cheap wood that’s in the base of this vanity anyway.
  9. Wall color – Same color that we used for our guest bathroom, we will be using BM Gray Owl that’s 75% tinted.
  10. Vanity color – As stated in number 5, this is what color we’re going with for our vanity! It’s a color by Kilz called Oceans Deep. Never used Kilz paint before, but I’m going to give it a shot!

Our plan is to have this done before Jordan and I go to a conference in mid July! That’s about the same amount of time we gave ourselves for a full gut job of a bathroom so hopefully we can do this since no walls are coming down! Let’s just keep our fingers crossed nothing crazy happens with plumbing and weird stuff because my nerves just can’t take it.

Master bathroom refresh plans. A bathroom remodel doesn't have to cost a ton or take a lot of time! Here's our plans to complete a quick, budget friendly bathroom refresh to hold us over until we have the budget to do something more!

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