Feet Up Friday #5

Tell all ya friends and neighbors!

Come kick your feet up with us today and find out what’s been happening with The Smiths this week.

We all know why you’re here. You don’t like reading long DIY posts and you are here to be nosy. Well, I love nosy people because I am one too! So, let’s get nosy!

  • We were in Daytona Beach all last week with 3500 students and 1500 volunteers on our annual trip to The Gauntlet with our church. Yes. You read those numbers right. Yes. This is JUST our church. Yes. It was the most incredible, longest, shortest week of my life. Here’s proof:
  • The day we got back from said trip, Charlotte was in her first wedding as a flower girl and OMGIDIE
  • Yep. You guessed it. Carowinds again this week and this time she got to see Snoopy and said, “Mama? Do you think Snoopy will just love on me a little bit?” (Which is what she says to us when she wants to snuggle which is JUST THE CUTEST THING).

That’s all I got! If you need me, I’ll be nose deep in the book I got from the library a couple weeks ago because the due date is coming up soon!

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