Feet Up Friday #10

Tell all ya friends and neighbors!

Hey, fam! It’s that time of the month.

No. Not that time of the month, weirdo.

It’s the time for our monthly installment of Feet Up Friday! This is a post where I just kinda let my proverbial hair down out of the mom bun and let you guys have a peek into our lives. So, if you’re into more of the unedited, lifestyle kinda thing, this post is for you. If not, then it’s not. Whatevs. Here’s the latest from our month of March:


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World Market has 30% off their furniture right now! Don’t mind me. Just dreaming on when we can redo our kitchen one day and totally crushing on this table and these chairs. Oh. And this and several of these if we ever have a farm table one day.

Simple and neutral spring decor

You can also get this console table that’s very similar to the one we have. But the one we have isn’t on sale because it’s not considered “dining room” furniture. Tell that to the people who have this IN THEIR KITCHEN.


Well, Jordan surprised me and took me to a property he was thinking of purchasing for us!

Ha! Psych! He did surprise me and take me to the Biltmore though. Here’s what I want to know – HOW DID PEOPLE WHO LIVE THERE COMMUNICATE?! Like it’s just so dang big like you LITERALLY would have to play an unintended game of hide and seek just to find your spouse or child or cousin or play cousin. And if communication weren’t bad enough – THE TRAVELING. Let’s just say if they had a FitBit back in the day, they’d be over their threshold for steps just going from their room to breakfast in the mornings.

But also, elegant farm table goals. I don’t even know if I know enough people in real life to come sit around this table.

We also got to go to a social media networking gathering in my old hometown of Greenville and hang out with lots of social media friends and bloggers. I only took one photo because …. #overwhelmed. Wesley and Daniel live in this incredible farmhouse. As in one you see on TV. As in they actually WERE on HGTV with this house. No lie. You can double check my facts on HGTV’s website.


Let’s be real. This entire blog post series is really just a way that I can sneak pictures in of my kids when I run a home decor blog. We had a lot of firsts this month.

Char started soccer (which is hilarious and awesome)

She also got arrested for the first (and hopefully last) time

Totally kidding, she had a cop come and visit them in school and she ASKED to be put in cuffs. Lord help.

It was also man man’s first foray into sitting in the front of a buggy instead of the back in his carseat.

Thank you Aldi for sponsoring this post with great prices and double buggies to allow this photo op to exist. JK. They didn’t sponsor this at all, but I wish they would.

Another first, man man’s first glasses.

Maybe they weren’t his but they were perfect. As was the face he made in them.

Oh. I got a haircut. That’s not technically a first, but if you paid attention to my stories last Friday, you know that I’m terrified of haircuts and hate them and usually cry. I hadn’t had one in about 2-3 years before this, but it was just time.

What’s not a first is the babes still REALLY love each other. I’m soaking it up and trying to create a place to come back to when they’re fighting over someone blinking too loud.

I know I joke a lot, but seriously, I am SO THANKFUL that Char is just a compassionate little girl and is able to love so much and so fiercely. I hope she never loses that.


While on one of my many trips back to my old town of Florence, SC, I came across a gas station that sold these chips and literally stood there laughing to myself at them for a solid 4 minutes.

And finally, I leave you with this. A picture of me channeling my inner Cindy Crawford by accident. What really happened is I spilled soy sauce on my face and had no idea and so my loving, caring, husband decided to snap a picture to show me how ridiculous great I looked. Until next month, just keep this image of me burned in your brain.

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