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DIY Toy Storage Organizer Labels

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How to create modern DIY toy storage organizer labels that look like a million bucks, but cost only a few!

We are almost halfway through with our One Room Challenge and surprisingly, things aren’t going quite as terrible as I anticipated.

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If you’re unaware, we are also working on our One WOMB Challenge, being that we have a little nug that should be making her debut annnnnny day now.

Ikea Billy bookcases and Trofast in white on playroom wall

Last week we created these built ins that look super mega custom but are straight out of the box from Ikea plus a handful of decals.

This week it was time to finally try to tackle the disaster of toys that plagues this room into more a more manageable organization and storage solution.

DIY Toy Storage Organizer Tags

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Before you create tags, you want to have your storage bins ready to go. Whether that’s dollar store baskets or something fancy schmancy from Pottery Barn, have them in hand first so you can begin separating the toys out.

This will help you know what labels you even need to create in the first place.

mint cricut explore air 2

I whipped up the labels using my Cricut design space and then printed them out on matte white vinyl.

woman's hand with cricut weeding tool removing excess white vinyl
woman's hand on wood background adding transfer tape to cricut vinyl

Once everything was cut out, I added transfer tape to the back sides so that I could easily add them to my acrylic tags.

How you want to and need to store toys is ultimately up to you based on the room in which they’re organized.

If you don’t have an entire playroom, having something like a toy chest or storage units in your kid’s room can work just as well!

acrylic tags for toy organization on wood background

Based on our organization of toys, here are the tags we ended up with:

  • Barbies (we have 2 of these – one for Barbies and one for Barbie “accessories)
  • Art
  • Puzzles
  • Animals
  • Princesses and Fairies
  • Music
  • Food
  • Sports
  • Stuffies (which is what we call stuffed animals around here)
  • Cars and trucks
  • Little People
  • Tinies (LOL dolls, Polly Pocket, Littlest Pet Shop, etc)
  • Dolls

These are strictly the things that are in the storage baskets that are on our Billy storage units. In the Trofast toy organizer that sits under the window, we have blocks, board games, card games, and “learning” toys.

rattan basket with acrylic tag that says music toy storage organization

Use twine to attach the tags to the basket and voila!

4 rattan baskets for toy storage and organization on white Ikea Billy bookshelves

This was such an easy project to create an organizing solution for older or younger kids.

Since Charlotte can read, she knows where things go, but since Josiah isn’t quite reading yet, the pictures will help guide him when he cleans up.

Let’s be real – any toy box or storage of any kind looks great approximately 10% of the time. The other 90 it looks like a bomb went off, but they’re only little for so long.

That’s what I tell myself to keep myself sane at least!

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DIY acrylic toy storage organizer tags graphic

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