Beverly Project Update Walkthrough

Tell all ya friends and neighbors!

We have come a long way on our first flip, but still have a long way to go. Come see what it looks like now with walls!

My, oh my.

I feel like we are absolutely insane individuals.

We took on a flip property, we are in the middle of redoing our playroom (finally!) for the One Room Challenge, should be adding a baby girl in the mix very soon in our One Womb Challenge, AND we are STILL trying to put finishing touches on our shared girls’ room.

Just reading that paragraph is exhausting.

BUT the good news is we have walls at Beverly and I’m stoked! I went there for the first time a couple of days ago and couldn’t believe the difference.

Luckily, like a good blogger, I snapped some photos so I could show you fine people, so let’s rock and roll, shall we?

In case you missed it, you can see all of our mood boards and design plans here!

Beverly Walkthrough Update


white board and batten siding small front porch

We have replaced the front door (which will soon be painted black!) and here is a sneak peak of our new exterior!

We weren’t planning on being able to have the white board and batten siding because since there is such a hard time getting supplies, our siding guy told us there wouldn’t be enough to have board and batten. But we were able to and boy oh BOY am I glad! It makes it look like an entirely different house.


Living Room

white shiplap fireplace unfinished

Right when you walk in the house, you’re met with this view. This shiplap will be painted black and we are going to tile that teency little hearth in front that you see now that’s just concrete currently.

We wired for there to be a TV mounted in case the new owners want to mount the TV there.

If they don’t want to wire it there, they can put it on this other larger wall in the living room, but we are going to leave that entirely up to them.

Dining Nook/Kitchen

unpainted drywall in investment property flip house

If you were to walk in the house and turn your head left, this is what you’d see!

Where the stacks of drywall sand are on the left is where the dining nook will be, to the far right is where the kitchen is, and in the middle, that doorway leads out to the mudroom and laundry room, with the newly added side entry.

unpainted drywall in kitchen in investment property flip house

Standing in the dining nook, here’s your kitchen! Isn’t she gorgeous???

Ha. Kidding. But it will be. This will be cabinets and appliances on the back walls and then a large kitchen island with seating where you see random pipes sticking up out of the floor.

Laundry Room/Mudroom

drywall in laundry room in investment property flip house

Here’s our laundry room! Washer and dryer hookups on this side and not in the photo, but directly behind me is going to be a small mudroom with hooks and seats that will hopefully maximize storage space in this room.

Guest Bedroom

original french closet door in investment property
guest room in investment property flip house

Let me tell you what I love – the fact that we were able to salvage all the original doors that were in the house! Yes, they will be painted, but just knowing that these are all original to the house leaves a little nostalgia and I love it.

Guest Bathroom

white tub insert in bathroom renovation with no drywall
bathtub with purple drywall

Seeing images of a bathroom looking like this gives me the heebs because it looks JUST LIKE photos I took of our own bathroom which brings back unpleasant memories of our first go at the One Room Challenge when we thought we could gut an entire bathroom and put it back together in 6 weeks.

(Psst. Spoiler alert: It took us 11 months. BUT! I gotta say I’m super stoked with how it turned out.)

The good news is we’re not doing any of the work in here so I totally trust that this won’t take 11 months.


linen closet with original doors in investment property

Another original door, this sits right behind the wall in the living room and you can see the entrance to the guest room right there to the left.

unpainted drywall in hallway in investment property

There’s a tiny hallway between the primary bedroom and the guest bedroom and I can just envision the new homeowners adding some floating shelves or a little table here with cute decor on it and it gets me up in my feels for some reason.

Weird how some parts of a house that have seemingly little meaning as an overall design just tug at your heartstrings.

Maybe it’s just the pregnancy hormones.

Primary Bedroom

primary bedroom in investment property flip house

Although this looks like another door we saved, it’s not! We actually purchased this from Habitat Restore which is similar to a Goodwill, but they have a lot more building supplies (windows, doors, extra tile, etc).

Here is also another view of the linen closet and the door to the guest bedroom.

white shiplap feature wall in primary bedroom

This is the tongue and groove wall we added that will be painted black to create a similar look to our mood board we shared.

closeup of tongue and groove shiplap

When I walked into the bedroom to take the photos, I first saw this and just loved it.

Although we have “shiplap” in our house, it’s faux shiplap and so quite honestly, I’ve never seen tongue and groove up close but I love this little detail.

It looks like a puzzle piece and it was again, one of those seemingly insignificant parts of the design that will never even be seen once the light switch is installed here but I still loved it.

closet door
drywall in closet of new construction investment property flip house

The primary closet is actually in the bathroom and I’m pretty salty that this closet is dang near bigger than the closet in my own bedroom at home.

It’s fine. I promise.

Primary Bathroom

drywall installed in bathroom with empty space for toilet

This is where the ol’ crapper will be. To the left is the door to the closet.

Hopefully this wouldn’t make your clothes stink? Ha. Oh well.

drywall in primary main bathroom of house new construction

This will be a tiled stand up shower here.

drywall in primary main bathroom of house new construction

And a double vanity will be here!

I’m not going to say that I had doubts about this house because I knew it was going to be great, but seeing it with drywall helps me see the vision even more, especially now that we also have full design plans too.

I can’t wait and hope you will stay along for the ride!

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