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With a new year unfolding, why not share what we have planned for the house in 2018?

Let me be clear. This does not mean these things will get done. You know how busy the gym is in January because everyone wants to get that hot bod? That, but with a house. So, what this means is by March, we may throw all of this out the window. Or off the back porch. Or in the fireplace. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS! Anyhoo, here’s what we’re thinking and hoping:

Finish Molding & Trim

Ugh. Y’all. EVERY piece of door trim, window casing, and crown molding we will ever need (and probably some you may even need) is in our upstairs guest room.  It has been set up as a permanent “paint and let dry” little sweatshop station that I work furiously in during nap times hence why it’s taken so long to get it painted and installed.

Windows & Doors

beautiful view from guest bathroom

As you see above, all our doors are tinted yellow/cream. Which, in case you were wondering, looks incredible against a stark white trim. {I just typed that last sentence in a new Sarcasm font I downloaded and installed. How did it look?}


Paint doors Sherwin Williams Iron Ore. We are also going to make a bold move and paint our window frames black. Eek! The doors will be a task in and of themselves because 1) we have approximately 1.8  jillion doors and 2) we also have to paint every single door jam since it’s also yellowy.

This update for us also includes removing our plantation shutters in the front of our house and maybe adding blinds and definitely adding curtains.

Shiplap Wall Revamp

Truthfully, I’m thinking we’ll start here. While we do have some trim down currently and therefore a head start on that project, this project is small.


I’m thinking console table at the least. I have my eye on this one, but my husband, Joanna Gaines, has another idea to build one. Oh, no worries it’s cool. He doesn’t have a full time job and a million other projects to do, though. He will have plenty of time for this. I’m also thinking baskets on the bottom for storage and something cute on top to keep it minimally styled.

Guest Bath Reno

This is a bold statement. If we’re smart, we will plan it for the spring #oneroomchallenge, but I’m not sure if we’re smart. I mean, you’ve seen our work so far lolz. I haven’t shown any pictures at all of any of our bathrooms really because they’re all …. Let’s just call it outdated.

You REALLY want to see? Fine. Please note, if you’ve just eaten a nice brunch or lunch, I am not held responsible for any regurgitation. You’ve been warned.

sexy metal on the countertops. METAL ON COUNTERTOPS?! who does this? IT CAN NEVER BE CLEANED! >.<



This will be our first gut job. I’m talking to the studs. If I had my way, we will reconfigure this layout, but we need to see how plumbing runs because our bathroom ties into this on the back wall.

At the very least, I want a tub surround, new vanity, and new light fixtures. I love feeling like I’m an 90s Broadway actress who drinks scotch in my green room, B U T …

Why start with the guest bath and not our own? Well, because anyone who is not the three of us who live here that use a bathroom use the guest bath. I mean, I know you’re in there to pee (and perhaps more), but dang it I want to create a joyous experience. I’m hoping to share some ideas soon about what we want to do here, but we also want this done right (and we’re ballin’ on a budget so there’s that too). 

Office/Playroom Area

Another area that I haven’t shared too much/at all. Mainly because these pictures are literally the cleanest these rooms have been since we’ve lived here and truthfully the pile of mess behind me looked like a weird crafting crime scene:

view from the office

Truthfully, though, I love this part of our house. There’s not a lot of natural light in the office area except for one tiny window, but I love that it’s right outside the playroom so that I can set up and work in there while the little one cooks me something nice in her kitchen or (more than likely) just stands near that coffee play table and tears every single piece of paper off of every single one of her crayons.


IN THE OFFICE, the walls are painted and ready for trim. So, really I just want to get rid of our 2 desks that don’t match because they were in two different rooms at our old house and get one big built in desk that can seat both Jordan and myself.

IN THE PLAYROOM, paint the walls (obvi). I know that yellow and white overspray from painting the ceilings is quite sexy, but it’s only a temporary solution. I also want that white Ikea bookshelf gone from that spot. While I LOVE it, it doesn’t allow those french doors to open or close which is uncool. Other than that,  just some sprucing here and there. Oh, and that table in the playroom? A $500 Land of Nod table we got at a yard sale for FIVE FLIPPIN’ DOLLARS!!! Thank you rich people who have yard sales. KEEP DOIN YO THANG. I’ve got plans to refinish that too because I love it and want it to last.

So, that’s what we have. I’m dreaming big for our #sunshineshanty this coming year. What’s that saying? Shoot for the something and you’ll hit something else if you fall down? Or something. Whatever.

Happy New Year!

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