Thrifted Chalkboard Tray

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A thrifted chalkboard tray DIY project that you can easily do with an ugly duckling Goodwill find to use for breakfast in bed or for guests

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A couple weekends ago I was a part of a conference out of town and got to say with a friend. Y’all. When I say she was the most hospitable host I have ever had in my entire life, I mean like she makes the Hilton looks like a trash dump. I wish I would have had my camera with me to photograph everything but she had chocolates on the nightstand, 2 of my favorite magazines, and even had a basket of toys for our 2 kids set up and ready to be played with.

I know I’m born and raised in the south, but hospitality is NOT something I’m good at. I’m also an introvert so the idea of people looking to me to entertain them for some reason makes me break out in hives. Like, I love you but, dig around until you find what you need, k? K.

BUT I will say that I’m open to learning! I’m actually planning on putting together a post soon about (easy) steps to hospitality strictly based on what I learned by staying with my friends for 2 days. So, when I came across this ugly little thing in Goodwill for $3, my immediate first thought was to make something to hold some guest goodies.

Talk about a real ugly duckling. This reminds me of another ugly duckling project I picked up also at a Goodwill that I got to remake into something cute and functional for our pantry that I love. What is it with ducks at Goodwill? I knew I had some chalkboard paint on hand already and also had some leftover Rustoleum chalk paint in White Linen that I also used for our pantry hanger.

Supplies Used

Steps to create your own thrifted chalkboard tray

First, paint the inner part of your tray with the chalkboard paint.

I did 2 coats of this for my tray and once it was dry, I flipped it over and began painting my first coat of the chalk paint.

You’ll most likely need 2 coats for this as well. Once this is dry, flip your tray back over and tape off the chalkboard part so that you don’t get white chalk paint on it. You see, this is where I should be inserting a picture of me doing that, but our 9 month old got a 102 degree fever out of nowhere and so I was sneaking out of the room where he was napping on the couch to do this in like 5 minute spurts so I didn’t even have time to pull my camera out.

The good news is, after that you’re done! This project should take you a day at most including your drying time. Or if your weather is anything like ours is here and you do this outside in 90 degree heat, about 20 minutes.

finished DIY thrifted chalkboard tray

In case you’re wondering, yes this does say, “Welcome HOMIE” instead of welcome home. That is on purpose. And yes. our guest wifi password REALLY is guesticles. Which is hilarious until an old couple from your church or some older friends you have ask for the wifi password for something once. That may or may not have happened. It’s cool. Just act casual.

thrifted chalkboard tray for guests

Taking some prompts from my literal hostess with the mostest friend, I left some bath goodies – although she had toothbrushes, razor, full sized body wash/shampoo/conditioners, deodorant for BOTH me and Jordan, the whole freaking nine. Gotta start somewhere. I also included my favorite candle from Goose Creek that is called “Warm and Welcome” because it just fit with what I was going for here.

thrifted chalkboard tray Goose Creek candle

We don’t typically keep chocolate around here unless it’s keto friendly, so all I have right now is these little keto cups. Quickest and most unbiased review on these? They’re disappointing (and VERY not cheap) so I would probably give a guest a little more tasty and less expensive version but it’s all about using what you’ve got. That one was free.

thrifted chalkboard tray thank you note

The thank you note is to basically thank them for putting up with us, but the truth is our hostess gave us a thank you note to thank us for choosing to stay with THEM because they knew how many other friends we could have stayed with. COME ON WHO DOES THAT?! Incredible friends, that’s who! The little plant is obviously not real because if I can’t keep anything alive, I’m not going to give my guest a responsibility to do so.

I will say I think this little thrifted chalkboard tray has sparked a little bit of inspiration in me to be a better hostess. And by better hostess, I mean just less crumbs everywhere. But that’s kinda it at least for now.

This thrifted chalkboard tray makeover is a quick DIY project you can do in a day to have a place to put all your welcome treats for your guests #guestroom #hospitality #diy #repurposeit #thriftedmakeover

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  1. What a cute way to welcome and “talk” to guests! I love that you can switch it up with fun messages to suit the occasion!

  2. You have an amazing friends, that is so sweet. Your tray looks fabulous, great minds think alike, I also redid a tray too this month. That tray will make any guest feel welcome and warm inside. I’m disappointed about the Keto chocolate, my husband is trying to get me to do Keto and your chocolate gave me hope, lol

    1. hahaha, well don’t lose hope completely!! We have done Keto for over a year and Jordan has about 60 pounds and I promise you we have found some DELICIOUS SWEETS including some awesome chocolate bars we actually DO love, some incredible recipes for keto bark which is amazing, and all kinds of cookies and cakes galore! Can you tell my husband is a sweet tooth? šŸ˜›

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