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The best organized pantry ideas and items to help you create your own organized pantry

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small organized pantry closet with dark gray door

I don’t really know why, but somehow 2019 has turned into kitchen projects galore. I guess I’m trying to compensate for the fact that we can’t afford the full gut job our kitchen is going to require one day.

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The style of our house has definitely turned into modern farmhouse-ish, but I’m trying to make it lean more transitional because truth be told, I don’t love farmhouse and with us having a full blown cape cod, I’m just not sure that fits.

I feel like cape cod houses are kind of a hodge podge when it comes to interiors. So, since we created a farmhouse style pantry complete with schmediumlap, I thought I would share with you guys how to organize a small pantry like ours.

My goal is to do this pantry organization DIY style but also make it easy enough that it will stay organized.

Pantry Organization Ideas

Glass Jar Storage

organized glass hocking jars in small pantry

I love the look of glass storage jars. I also like the fact that I’m not freaking out about BPA and whatever that even means. Does anyone else feel like glass is easier to clean too? They’re great for dry goods or if you’re like me and make your own spice mixes to keep on hand.

I got my mid sized hocking jars from The Dollar Tree! The mini ones I got were from TJ Maxx and my super tall boys in the back are from At Home.

But since I love you all so much, I searched high and low for glass storage jars with comparable prices to what I paid and found them all for you on Amazon! The large ones you can find here, some mid size ones are here and the tiny baby cute ones are here.

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Pantry Baskets

I don’t know about you, but having baskets or some type of storage bins in your pantry is absolutely key, especially if you don’t have a walk in pantry and need quick and easy access to stuff. They hide so much.

Oh. Unless you’re like us and try to be cute and get the stylish ones that hide nothing.

white metal baskets and 3 shelves organized pantry ideas
applesauce and easy mac in white basket

But you can’t put a price tag on cute, right?!

Actually, yes you can.

Because I saw these exact baskets on another website for $40 A PIECE. I nearly peed my 49 cent Walgreens leggings.

I got these actually last year only because they were 80% off after the spring season was over at Hobby Lobby. You know, April. When they start putting out their Christmas decor.

However, leave it to Target to get in on the game. They have these white metal baskets for $12 a piece! They’re a bit more square than the ones that we have, but they’re a great price and so cute.

wooden crate with organized toddler foods
2 wood crates on casters in the bottom of the organized pantry

I know these are technically “crates” but to me, they’re still in the “pantry basket/pantry storage” family. I love crates because you can stain them, paint them, leave them alone, whatever your heart desires.

We actually got these crates for completely free. It pays to stay to the end of a conference when they don’t want to have to pack up all their stuff so they just give it away.

But I love getting crates from craft stores like Michael’s because they’re usually always on sale. Using crates or other pantry storage items like these make it great to store and organize small items in your pantry. Let’s see if I can say the word pantry one more time in this paragraph.

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Rotating + Tiered Storage

lazy susan and pantry can organizer in small pantry closet
DIY wood pantry can organizer with cans

I actually had a couple people try to talk me out of using a lazy Susan in our design. While I completely understand all the negative ways it could end up annoying me, for now, I actually enjoy it.

I have ours on the top shelf and the only thing that is on it are things that are “refills.” Which means I don’t really use it daily. Things don’t sporadically spin off into the night. At least not yet, so I would have to say I’m pretty happy with it.

As far as tiered shelving, I feel like it’s a must.

We don’t keep a lot of canned goods, but we do have babes that like things in cans so we keep them around for that reason.

If you’re interested, you can see what we keep in our keto pantry here and get a free printable to help you create your own keto shopping guide.

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When I think farmhouse pantry, I think wood and white rustic elements. Shiplap (or schmediumlap like we did) is optional.

What about you? Do you guys think about anything else when you think about an organized kitchen pantry? Regardless of what you think, it’s not super hard to have (and keep!) and organized pantry! Get to work, y’all! 😉

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The best pantry organization ideas you need to know

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