Feet Up Friday #7

Tell all ya friends and neighbors!

Catching you up on the latest happenings with The Smiths! It’s time for another Feet Up Friday.

Oh boy guys. What a couple weeks it’s been!

  • In case you missed it, we brought home our sweet Josiah August 20th so we have been adjusting to life with a newborn again. It’s crazy when you wake up on a seemingly normal Monday morning without a baby and go to bed that night with a baby, but let me just tell you, it’s been so amazing.
  • My camera decided to crap out on me which is so lame, but praise the Lord for great friends that let me borrow theirs while mine is getting repaired.
  • We went to the beach (on a trip planned prior to us adding Josiah to our family) so the beach with a 3 week old and a 3 year old was quite the adventure!Feet Up Friday #7 #grosstograndiose #lifestyle #beach Feet Up Friday #7 #grosstograndiose #lifestyle #beach Feet Up Friday #7 #grosstograndiose #lifestyle #beach
  • Big sister started school and you literally couldn’t wipe the smile from her face if you had a Magic Eraser (which will clean literally anything).Feet up friday #7 #grosstograndiose #lifestyle #backtoschool Feet up friday #7 #grosstograndiose #lifestyle #backtoschool
  • We are cranking away on trying to put together a gender neutral nursery and I’m putting together a mood board as we speak and the design ideas will come on our blog next Tuesday so look out for that! Hint: It’s gonna be a lot of gray 🙂 Mainly because that room is gray and it is not a priority for me to paint a room when I’m just trying to get a baby in it.
  • In case you missed my latest post, I talked all about our new doorknobs from Kwikset and pros and cons so far. Spoiler alert, there aren’t many cons whatsoever 🙂

That’s all for now. In case you were wondering, I typed this entire post with a 4 week old wrapped in my big t-shirt and it’s the most fun I’ve had writing a post so far. Catch us on the next Feet Up Friday!

Carry on.

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