Home Trends: Limewash Paint

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The new hotness in accent walls and painting techniques – limewash paint! Learn all about it and see examples in this post

sage green limewash paint behind bed in boho style room

Have you guys seen the newest in home trends with the limewash paint on interior walls?

We have seen a ton of limewash painted brick, but now the trend is to bring that similar look inside.

What is Limewash Paint?

dark green limewash paint behind king size velvet blush rose bed
image via Architectural Digest

True limewash paint is usually painted on surfaces like a fireplace surround or other masonry surfaces. It’s made from natural materials and is free from synthetic additives, solvents, and acrylics that are commonly found in modern paints.

Limewash paint is known for its distinctive, matte finish that can create an antique or rustic look on the surfaces it covers.

tan limewash paint on walls with cream sofa

The aesthetic is great for any design style, but especially leans itself to more modern spaces.

It creates a gorgeous way to add character and depth, and it plays very well with natural light.

navy blue limewash paint behind a wood table
image via Living In Design

How Do You Apply Limewash Paint?

The process is really easy and much like any other painting project you do – a large brush or a roller.

gray limewash paint on walls with concrete floors

If you want to get actual limewash paint, the application process will be a little different, but spend a few seconds on Google or YouTube and you can find tutorials to get the look of limewash with regular paint and quite honestly, I can’t tell the difference in a lot of these instances!

Should I Prime or Seal My Walls?

Girl, nah!

limewash painted walls in bathroom with large round mirror and dark vanity
image via Casa Refined

Unless you have a darker paint color that you’re trying to cover up, there’s no need to use primer if you’re going to limewash your walls. You can just go ham, my friend.

And much like regular paint on walls, no need to seal them either.

What Rooms Should I Try Limewash Walls In?

sage green limewash paint behind bed in boho style room

This is the real and true beauty of the limewash aesthetic on walls – you really can use it anywhere!

Bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens – wherever you have a wall that you’d like to zshush up a bit. Here are a few helpful hints:

tan limewash paint on walls
  • Bedroom: Aim for soft, soothing colors to promote relaxation¬†
  • Living Room: Choose bolder shades that can handle daily traffic and complement your design elements.¬†
  • Bathroom: Go for light colors that will reflect more light for a serene spa-like atmosphere.
gray limewash paint with concrete floors and large windows

As is the case when choosing the right wall paint color for any room, do your best to avoid dramatic contrasts.

Instead, select colors that harmonize with your home’s overall palette, enhancing the existing design. Use limewash to highlight architectural features or add emphasis to specific areas with strategic application.

Regardless of the color or room you choose, limewash style paint on the walls is a great option to create visual interest in any space you choose!

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