Grandmillennial Style: A Modern Twist on Traditional Decor

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If you’re wondering what Grandmillennial style is, where it came from, and how to achieve it, this post has it all!

dark wood walls and dark wood furniture with patterned wallpaper

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If you’ve seen any of our flip houses (I mean, hello fire house remodel) you will see right off the bat that our style is *not* grandmillennial.

DIY black built in bookshelves around fireplace

Even our own home is very much what I consider transitional style; not even kinda close to grandmillennial.

But I feel it’s my duty and obligation to at least talk about other design styles since we are in the biz of flipping houses, designing new builds and working one on one with design clients. Just like I did with Japandi style when that was growing in popularity as well!

The Rise of Grandmillennial Style

red plaid couch with patterned floral wallpaper

Grandmillennial Style emerged as a term thanks to Emma Bazilian in 2019, reflecting a distinct shift in interior design preferences for some.

The style itself is a twist on what you think of when you think traditional decor.

It championed what many had dismissed as ‘outdated’ decor elements like Laura Ashley prints, ruffles, and embroidered linens.

And if you don’t know who Laura Ashley is, just Google her name and you’ll see alllll the 80s and 90s puffy sleeves and floral patterns you can stand.

dark wood chest of drawers in front of a dark green patterend wallpaper

Those in their mid-20s to late-30s found particular delight in this revival. Thus the millennial name in grandmillennial. Instead of builder grade new and modern, they sought the charm in the nostalgic embrace of patterned wallpapers, dark walnut furniture, and cozy aesthetic reminiscent of a bygone era.

By mixing old and new, Grandmillennial decor challenges the stark, minimalistic trends that have dominated interiors for years and are what I lean towards by default.

Through a lens focused on storytelling through design, traditional home decor items once considered stuffy and uninviting—antique collections, decorative cushions, and classic furniture revival—become keystones of a uniquely modern yet classic interior.

Key Elements of Grandmillennial Decor

neutral wall with patterned wallpaper and cream furniture

The allure of Grandmillennial decor lies in the blend of yesterday and tomorrow.

wood bed and bedside table with blue patterned wallpaper decorated in grandmillennial style

Dark walnut furniture often anchors rooms with its rich, deep tones. It evokes an era where craftsmanship reigned supreme and beloved Ikea hacks weren’t even a thought.

Patterned wallpapers add vibrancy and character, recalling the ornate styles of bygone days. Their intricate designs weave stories across the walls, providing a backdrop that is both lively and deeply rooted in tradition. Against these patterns, any modern accents stand out, forging a unique aesthetic.

Collections of antique items serve as the narrative thread connecting generations and family heirlooms. Whether it’s china, silver, or crystal, each piece tells a tale, adding to the home’s storied ambiance.

Displaying these heirlooms proudly, homeowners create spaces that are not only cozy but resonate with personal history, achieving a look that is truly timeless.

Furniture Choices: Dark Woods Over Bleached Looks

dark wood walls and dark wood furniture with patterned wallpaper with antiques decorated in grandmillennial style

Dark walnut furniture replaces the once-dominant bleached wood and thus infuses spaces with depth.

dark wood walls and dark wood furniture with patterned wallpaper
dark wood walls and dark wood furniture with patterned wallpaper with antiques decorated in grandmillennial style

This choice of darker, antique-style furniture speaks to the desire for sentimental decorating from eras past. Embracing the classic interior with elements like these, you create spaces not only of beauty but of stories and memories which will always be great talking points when you have guests.

Incorporating Personal Collections

Your home will speak volumes through the personal collections it houses.

grandmillennial style living room with denim couch and floral patterend wallpaper

Imagine your grandmother’s meticulously gathered china, now taking center stage in your dining room. These pieces link us to our past, weaving a rich tapestry of lineage and memories. Your own collection of silver might display a journey of celebrations, each piece recounting a story of heritage and tradition.

These heirlooms are not just decorative elements but truly embody the soul of Grandmillennial decor at its core.

dark wood walls and dark wood furniture with patterned wallpaper with antiques decorated in grandmillennial style
neutral patterned wallpaper with neutral tan furniture

They transform spaces into galleries of personal narratives and cherished memories.

So, dust off those vintage treasures and let them shine in your home.

Patterns and Textures: A Nod to the Past

blue velvet couch with bright colored pillows and patterned wallpaper in the background

Another signature to Grandmillennial style is its unique blend of patterns and textures.

Like we said before, Laura Ashley prints transport you back in time, infusing spaces with a nostalgic allure that whispers tales from yesteryears. Think god awful Easter photos from the 80s and 90s. Yikes.

grandmillennial style living room decor with patterend sitting chair

These iconic patterns serve as the perfect backdrop for creating a cozy, inviting environment, where every corner tells a story.

In addition tons of florals, textures play an indispensable role.

grandmillennial style living room with neutral wall with patterned wallpaper and cream furniture

Things like ruffles or embroidered linens add depth, transforming your space into a tactile haven.

Listening to Your Home

A loooooong time ago, I wrote a post about whether or not you should put shiplap in your house or not. And it mainly had to do with it’s architecture.

grandmillennial style bedroom with teal upholstered bed and patterned wallpaper

Such is the same with Grandmillennial style decor. As you think about the transformation of your living space, remember that your home will talk to you about whether it leans itself toward the design style.

grandmillennial style bedroom with neutral upholstered bed and patterned wallpaper

Learning the art of blending these with your preferences will take time.

Crafting an environment that reflects both the past’s elegance and your modern-day lifestyle will result in a space that’s uniquely yours but deeply rooted in tradition.

Grandmillennial Style: More Than Just a Trend

wood bed and bedside table with blue patterned wallpaper decorated in grandmillennial style

At this point, it’s clear that Grandmillennial style has surpassed just being a fleeting trend.

This modern twist on traditional decor encapsulates a creative fusion, where old meets new, and where every piece tells a story. Grandmillennial style invites you to bring the cozy aesthetic of yesterday into today’s homes, blending sentimental decorating with contemporary living. It encourages you to showcase your unique collections, from butler’s pantry crystal to cherished embroidered linens.

grandmillennial style living room with cream sofa and patterend wallper with open shelves

But if you’re anything like ya girl, you may not have those heirlooms which lend themselves to this style – and that’s okay! That’s what thrift stores and Facebook marketplace is for 🙂

neutral wall with patterned wallpaper and cream furniture

What I do love about grandmillennial decorn is the sense of familiarity it brings. The essence of Grandmillennial style lies in its ability to morph and adapt without losing sight of its roots.

It celebrates the storytelling through design, allowing you to weave personal narratives into the fabric of your home.

wood bed and bedside table with blue patterned wallpaper decorated in grandmillennial style

So again, Grandmillennial is not just a trend; it’s a testament to the power of interior design in enriching our living spaces with depth, character, and a touch of the past.

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