The Most Popular Places to Find Textured Art

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If you don’t want to create your own textured art, here are my favorite places to find it!

woman using putty knife to spread joint compound on canvas


Where To Find (and how to make!) textured Art

Back when we redid our playroom, I attempted an art project I was SURE would fail.

woman using putty knife to spread joint compound on canvas

I created a DIY textured abstract art piece to display on the wall of said playroom!

joint compound to create texture DIY canvas art
woman's hand painting light green on textured canvas abstract art

Not only was I SO SHOCKED at how easy it was, but I was even more shocked that it wasn’t a freaking GIANT DIY fail like I am known to experience.

DIY Samsung The Frame TV and DIY abstract wall art on canvas hanging on wall over DIY Ikea Billy bookshelves

I created this textured abstract art piece so that it would the exact dimensions and sit on the opposite wall from our DIY Samsung The Frame TV.

Although it was really super mega easy to create my own textured art, you might be in the camp of just wanting to buy it instead.

I’ve rounded up the best textured art I’ve seen around that will fit any budget from lots of places!

where to find textured art online

I am in LOVE with the one in the top right corner because I think it looks like shelves of books and you guys know I’m a bit of a reader. That textured art could be great for an office or a reading room.

I also love the one that looks like waves because it could fall into any great beach color palette and be gorgeous decor.


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