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If you find that your style doesn’t really “fit” into any specific one category, you may have transitional style! Come see some of my favorite bloggers who also have transitional home decor style that you absolutely need to get to know!

Simple and neutral spring decor

I feel like when we started this blogging ordeal, I felt we had more of a modern farmhouse style. Let me specify – Jordan had modern farmhouse style. I had “I don’t know what the heck I’m doing, just let me take pictures of the crap” kinda style.

As we have both grown and “matured” over the journey (lol @ matured cuz I still think poop jokes are the best) our style has grown out of modern farmhouse into more of a contemporary style, but not modern.

We like masculine and feminine elements of design; not acrylic only furniture new age weird stuff, but also not traditional. Which means… We have transitional design style, although Japandi style has my eye lately if we are being honest.!

What the heck is transitional style?

Simply stated, transitional style is the mixing of 2 different styles into one. It’s a mix of traditional and contemporary!

But I’m a visual person, so today this post has 2 goals.

1, to introduce you to the term transitional style if you’ve never heard it, but more importantly 2, show you some of my favorite bloggers that also have transitional decorating styles that I want you to get to know!!

Transitional Style In Real Houses

Clean & Scentsible
Clean and Scentsible collage

Jennifer at Clean & Scentsible was one of the first blogs I ever followed before I knew what blogging or following a blog even was. But everything she put out I loved, and now here we are, devil may care with pretty similar interior design styles! She’s also the best one around to kick your butt into organization gear too!

These 3 posts below are the best way to see transitional style and also see why I love her stuff so much!

Clean and Scentsible

Duke Manor Farm
Duke Manor Farms collage

Now, once you’ve wiped up the drool from the gorgeous exterior of Laura’s home from Duke Manor Farm, just wait until you see inside. It’s a perfect mixture of traditional style, contemporary furniture and an inviting feel! Plus, we’re tile twinsies! She’s got the same tile in her house as we do in our guest bathroom! But I love how it looks so different in her house. That’s the beauty of transitional style!

Duke Manor Farm

Designed Decor
Designed Decor collage

When I see any projects done by DeDe at Designed Decor I love that I have a little idea of what to expect, but she’s usually a lil’ sneaky sneak and sometimes it can be more modern like her clean lined kitchen for her guest space, or it can have way more traditional elements like her mudroom she transformed. Here’s some of the best posts that showcase traditional decor style from DeDe:

Designed Decor

House By Hoff
House by Hoff collage

April at House By Hoff seems like my kinda people. Want to know how? She’s got a picture of herself holding toilet paper rolls on her newly renovated guest bathroom remodel. That tells me about all I need to know!

But if we are referring to transitional style, she has that too! Her house is what our house wants to be when it grows up. The color palette and her transitional living room alone make me want to move right on in and be BFFs.

House By Hoff

Hello Central Avenue
Hello Central Avenue collage

Meet Rebecca from Hello Central Avenue! She loves neutrals (much like myself), has a simple classic style and does an incredible job mixing the old and the new! I must also say some of her furniture pieces she has in her house just make me all the heart eyes. And again, one more on this list of fabulous ladies that knows her way around an organization project!

Check out some posts from Rebecca that really showcase her style and go check her out!

Hello Central Avenue

Two Twenty One
Two Twenty One collage

Fun fact about my girl Chelsea from Two Twenty One. Before I knew who she was, I had pinned her son’s nursery when I was pregnant with Charlotte over 5 years ago as inspiration. I remember it so vividly. And now here I am, getting the privilege to talk to her every day over text messages and lemme just say – I love her house, but she’s SO FUN to be friends with. Like, SO FUN.

But her home is also really gorgeous and some of my favorite transitional spaces from Two Twenty One!

Two Twenty One

Inspiration For Moms
Inspiration for Moms collage

Laura from Inspiration for Moms brings calm into every project she does. I love that her style is simple, but it makes you feel invited into every space you virtually walk in to. Check out some of the best transitional spaces of her home!

Inspiration For Moms

Jennifer Maune
Jennifer Maune collage

Ummmm, yea. Is your jaw off the floor yet? She’s everything I will never be, but this is what it looks like when glam meets …anything. From her dining room tablescapes to her beautiful furniture pieces. This is the kind of blog that I visit and think, “Maybe I should put on my wedding dress before I take a virtual house tour.”

So, if you were thinking transitional style was just “modern farmhouse” and anything else, this is proof that’s just not the case.

Jennifer Maune

Simply Designing
Simply Designing collage

Everyone say heyyyy Ashleyyyy! This is a girl after my own heart. She started creating things by hand because she wanted to make her design dreams become a reality within a budget. So, if you like DIYs, crafts, and simple home decor ideas, then head on over to check her out her version of transitional style interior design!

Simply Designing

Hopefully this has given you a bit more of a visual when it comes to determining if you have transitional style and maybe even bring some comfort if you’ve been frustrated because you don’t feel you fit the mold of any particular one style!

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