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At the end of a long night of tiling a shower, installing plumbing, or mudding and taping drywall, sometimes you just crash. But what do you do when the place you want to crash is less than cozy and desirable? Well, you make it over obviously. It’s not like you have anything else to do, right?

Spoiler alert: I got so antsy about doing this project that I didn’t take any before pictures prior to already starting cleaning and moving things around. Whoops. One day I’ll remember that I have this blog. The only pictures I have are real estate photos and a couple that I snapped with my iPhone for completely different purposes. Here’s what our room looked like at real estate photo time:We're panning a little master bedroom refresh! Check out our plans here at #grosstograndiose We're panning a little master bedroom refresh! Check out our plans here at #grosstograndioseOnce we moved in, this is how we arranged things. I have talked before about how to love your fixer upper while it’s being fixed and upped and one main point I talked about was stop apologizing for your house. So, this picture is messy AND I AM NOT SORRY. We live here, mmk?We're panning a little master bedroom refresh! Check out our plans here at #grosstograndioseThis picture was right after we painted. In our old house, we had a kelly green and navy theme going, but in this house we decided to change that. Our ceilings are only 8′ in this house and in our old house they were 10′ in the bedrooms and 12′ in the living room. So, we knew already we needed smaller, lighter, and brighter. We got the Hemnes dresser and bed from Ikea very shortly after we moved. Perks of living right down the road from one now.

As you can tell, we arranged our bed to be in between the two windows. Since we wanted a king bed, we did not have room on the adjacent wall to do a bed, two nightstands and still have room to open the closet door. So far, here are our plans:Some affiliate links are used below:

1. Roman shades – We are choosing between several, but our eyes are on these from Amazon (32″) in hopes they will match our nightstands.

2. Wall art for above our bed – I LOVE this. It’s hilarious. And also true in our marriage so WHY NOT? We’re funny people, so having funny art just makes our bedroom ours. However, would you believe I’m so far losing the battle over getting these? A certain “why so serious” husband isn’t a fan.

3. Lamps – I saw these by accident on one of my exercise regimens of strolling the aisles of Target. I normally am weird about lamps and they’re just “meh” decor to me, but I fell absolutely head over heels. Can’t wait to see these in our space!

4. Bedding – My heart says all the Pottery Barn bedding. My wallet says SLEEP ON THE FLOOR YOU CAN’T EVEN AFFORD A BED. jk. But this bedding from Ikea is super cheap and I love the minimal look. Plus, we have bedding from Ikea in our guest room and I’ve been super happy with it.

5. Nightstands – These are EXACTLY what I wanted when I pictured new nightstands. Drawers for hidden storage, a shelf to put a basket (or nothing) on, and the detail on the side that brings a bit of warmth and detail.

6. Kwikset Halifax Doorknobs – I talked about some of my favorite lever doorknobs a bit ago and on my Instagram stories, I revealed which ones we decided on and why! I will be dedicating an entire post to these knobs and my love for them in a post coming up soon so be on the edge of your seat looking for that.

We have started slowly getting things and watching when things go on sale, but keeping them aside until we can throw it all together. I’m ready to have a nice, cozy room to retreat to! I know you may not be as excited about this as me, but I’d love to hear which part of the design is your favorite in the comments below!

If you’re looking to refresh your master bedroom soon, pin this image for later:If you're looking to redesign your master bedroom soon, use this moodboard for a clean, modern farmhouse look on a budget! #grosstograndiose #masterbedroom #bedroomrefresh

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  1. Oh my goodness, the don’t apologize for your mess line is so true. My house is small and we just had 3 rooms gutted (including a bathroom). During this time we discovered a termite infestation so the termite guy came out and sprayed And in the middle of a hot Texas summer our A/C went out so the A/C guy came while the various crews were working inside. I did okay until they left the old toilet on the front porch, right in front of the door! It was clearly visible from the street. For 3 days!!! At this point I just laughed. I told my blue-eyed cowboy we’d just hit a new low and could only go up from this pointy on. So, yeah, I get the remodeling mess.

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