From Peninsula To Island: Our Kitchen Remodel Plans

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A huge undertaking is our upcoming kitchen remodel plans. See before photos, renderings of our plans and all the down and dirty details about what this project will include


Peninsula Kitchen to Island Kitchen Plans

I can’t believe this post is happening. This has been a post I’ve wanted to write for over 3 years.

Today is the day I’m sharing with you what our kitchen design plans will be and what we are trying to prepare for as we step into this huge project.

This is the first very big project that we aren’t doing ourselves.

benjamin Moore Gray Owl painted bathroom with gray and white turkish towels and white ruffle shower curtain

My poor little website was an infant when we decided to take on a giant gut job of a bathroom renovation and while it turned out amazing, it was supposed to be finished in 6 weeks and took 11 months.

I absolutely can not have a kitchen take 11 months.

Our Kitchen Currently

SW white upper cabinets Sherwin Williams Peppercorn lower kitchen cabinets

I don’t show our kitchen much because it’s never been much to write home about, but here is a photo from when we just finished painting our kitchen cabinets white. Painting the uppers Sherwin Williams Extra White and our lower cabinets Sherwin Williams Peppercorn was a good way to hold us over for a little bit.

And by little bit I mean several years.

Sherwin Williams Peppercorn painted lower cabinets and Sherwin Williams pure white upper cabinets with Sherwin Williams Alabaster on the walls

On the opposite side of our kitchen is a wall where we have coffee things. Again, it does not look like this right now but I’m doing my best to give you an idea of the layout of the land.

The Plan

view of kitchen with exposed 2x4 beam

This is a much more real view of what our kitchen looks like.

We have exposed beams that have been exposed since we decided to take the drywall off to see what kind of load bearing wall we were working with.

The plan is to completely get rid of the wall between the living room and the kitchen.

view of kitchen with exposed 2x4 beam

We will also be removing the studs from our very small entryway to make it one giant space. This means that no matter if you enter through the front door or the side door, you will be walking directly into one giant room comprised of a living space, dining space, and our new kitchen.

closeup of bay window with wood farmhouse table

Another huge change we are making is framing in this bay window. We are going to close this in to make a straight wall and add a smaller window to match the one that is currently over the sink.

sketch of floorplan of small kitchen renovation

Here is our bird’s eye view of our floor layout.

The front door entrance is where guests enter and where Amazon leaves our packages, but we always use the side door because our driveway is on the side.

The wall between the living room and kitchen is going away. The bay window will be just straight across.

The New Kitchen Layout

rendering with greige cabinets kitchen with island layout idea

Eek! It’s hard to believe this is the same space.

Of course, we will keep our white oak engineered hardwood floors that we currently have in the rest of our house in the kitchen, so the floors won’t be this dar at all.

rendering with greige cabinets kitchen with island layout idea

Coming in from the front door, this will be the view of the kitchen. The large white space to the left of the fridge is where our laundry room and side door are, but it’s not represented here.

greige cabinets kitchen with island layout idea

Our island is going to be 8 1/2 feet which is giant. We will have an overhang so that we can add 3-4 barstools here. Which means I need to get cracking on finding barstools.

In the island will be our GIANT sink and dishwasher as well.

The large open hole to the right will be where our microwave will go.

rendering of kitchen island design

Standing with your back to the windows, this is the view at the island and into the living room (which is the large white space).

This is what I’m most excited about. The line of sight so that I can see what Josiah is doing. And knowing that Collins will be crawling soon, it will be nice to be able to keep an eye on her too.

Simple and neutral spring decor shiplap wall painted Sherwin Williams Alabaster

This wall in our kitchen is going bye bye. While I have enjoyed having my simple spring decor on here or even having budget friendly fall decor, I’m really excited for her soon to be glow up.

greige cabinets kitchen with island layout idea with beverage fridge

The doors are a little misleading. The door right next to our microwave opening will be a glass door leading out to our screened in porch.

The set of double doors is actually our stairs that also really need a revamp soon. And the door to the right of the kitchen layout rendering is our hallway where we have our faux board and batten.

I’m so stoked about that beverage fridge! And the extra storage we will have over there since we will have floor to ceiling cabinets.

Not shown in the photo is our plan to add floating shelves in between the two tall cabinets for decorative storage.

vertical tile with square greige cabinet sample on top

Finally, it’s a little sneak peek of our floors, backsplash and the color of cabinets we are looking to do. It’s all coming together so nicely and here’s to fingers crossed when the ceiling drywall comes down we have no leaks or any crazy things we have to replace under our floors either.

Be sure to stay on the email list because that’s where I’ll be sharing things first and then on Instagram if I think about it!

Pssst. You guysss!! IT IS FINISHED! And I’m in love with it. Jury is still out on whether the panic was worth it, BUT WE ARE DONE! You should really come check out the kitchen transformation because I can hardly believe it’s the same space!

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