2020 Home Plans

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Sharing our plans for renovations coming soon to our home in 2020 (we hope!)

I was thinking through all we have to accomplish in just the next couple of months and truthfully got overwhelmed. Not only is Jordan smack dab in the middle of an unexpected career path change but we took on a new design client that we get to begin work for in a few weeks, I launched a new business (eek!) and Jordan has about 13 custom tables he has to build for people all within the next few months.

Holy crapola, batman.

I am very thankful for all that we were able to accomplish last year, however, and shared some of your favorite projects in this post that you can check out if you missed it!

As I’ve said in past years, I’m not saying that this stuff will definitely surely really happen, but it is way more likely if we have plans in place, right? I can’t tell you how many times I went back to my “plans” post for last year to see what we did (or didn’t) get done! Let’s look forward a bit.

2020 (Living Letter) Home Plans

*See what I just did there? ^^ K, let’s really move on….


This is the room I wanted to get done when we first moved in 3 years ago and it still remains untouched. Some things have changed preemptively like we sold the couch and replaced the floors with some show stopping gorgeous floors I can’t wait to show you, but all in all, the only thing done in here is paint.

The layout is weird and thinking about how to do it all makes my head hurt so I’ve avoided it, but the time is now. Praise god for my tot who is content playing on the floor at the moment.

Chrissy Marie NAILED this playroom design, first of all. Secondly, she’s actually hilarious. You should read our DMs back and forth to one another. Third, she’s got weird sloped walls too which gives me hope that there is something we can do here to make this space not feel awkward.

Master Closet

There’s a reason you haven’t seen much of our master bedroom, especially our closet on here. It’s a complete disaster. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

Told ya.

What? You don’t have the door that’s supposed to be on the hinges just leaning up against your side of the closet so you have to lean it if you want to wear anything other than jammie pants? Just me? Coo.

This space is TINY and our biggest issue is storage for shoes. I don’t even have that many, but as many of you saw in our real life (aka. messy) house tour back in October of last year, my shoes currently just reside in the shower of the gorgeous master bathroom that we refreshed.

I wasn’t lying. They’re still in there 2+ months later. Don’t you judge me.

Their closet space is obviously much larger than ours, but can we just take a minute to wipe up our collective drool at this closet? Sheesh! The lighting, the built ins, the color, the ceiling. ALLLL of it.


This is one area of our home that has remained literally untouched. Think new railing, something like picture molding or board and batten on the walls to liven it up and an attractive (maybe DIY?) FREAKING BABY GATE to keep this tiny kid from crawling up these things and falling off of them.

I love the minimal design of this railing; it doesn’t feel too chunky or in your face. Because I want to do something fun on the walls, I don’t want the railing to feel heavy.

Shared kid’s room

I have mixed emotions here. Jo will be in a big boy bed around 2 most likely which will be late this summer. We have decided to put them in a room together which actually really excites me (and Charlotte) but also makes me nervous because Charlotte is 4 and still will not get out of her bed for any reason until we come and get her.

For those asking, no, we never taught her this. But I just have a feeling that our live wire of a son will be teaching her naughty tricks.

Shared boys & girls room

Regardless, I am loooving the feel of this room from Jade Bennett at Finders Keepers Designs. I love that you can definitely tell it is for a boy and girl, but the neutral color scheme is for sure what I’m going for in our own space.

Junk closet

We want this to be a cleaning closet, but right now it’s just a junk closet. Some of you may have junk drawers, but in this house we just do entire closets. It’s a friggin disaster, y’all. Everything in here from a vacuum to sidewalk chalk.

Now Crystal from The Weathered Fox has the right idea with her organized closet. I’m thinking I need a place to store our vacuum and I’m not sure if I want door storage or not. We have all that wrapping paper on there now, but I think I want it gone even though it’s a great solution for door storage.

I would also love to say that we will get some landscaping done or a back porch refresh because both spaces desperately need it. I just would rather not over promise and under deliver, ya smell me?

I’m curious – which one of these are you most excited about seeing the final reveal about? Are there any projects you’re surprised we’re doing or NOT doing? Let me know all about it in the comments below!

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