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Sharing what is hopefully to come regarding projects, DIY, upgrades, and refreshes for 2019

I can’t believe January is almost over. SAY WHAAAA? That means I’m days closer to me being another year older. Yikes!

I’ve shared a lot about last year, and it’s time we finally move forward. I let you know what your favorite post was and what mine was. I also let you know what my least favorite was. I (comically) talked about what we had planned last year versus what we actually got done.

Now it’s time to share what’s coming to what we have lovingly dubbed as our Sunshine Shanty in this year. We hope. And pray. And beg. And plead. And shed tiny little tears in faith.


Okay, I’m starting us off with a softball because the reality is, we are about a week away from being done with this one! I’m so happy to be with some of my other blogger friends participating in the $100 Room Challenge with Erin from Lemons, Lavender, and Laundry.

We just have a few more DIY projects that will be coming your way and then the reveal! Make sure to sign up for newsletter to be sure that you get to see the reveal!

I’ve also been sharing a lot on Instagram stories about our behind the scenes so follow along there as well!

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Ha! This was on our list last year but honestly I think it was the first project to get pushed to the back burner. But the reality is, I’ve started working on the blog a lot more lately and I need an office space. My lap gets really hot with this laptop in it and since I’ve got one active 3 and a half year old and most-likely-very-soon-to-be-mobile 5 month old, I want to have this space so I can work and keep an eye on them since it’s right off of the playroom.

Truth be told, I love the upstairs in our home. It was my second favorite thing about it (second only to our back porch). It was mainly my favorite because I just did not expect all that was going to be upstairs. There’s a giant office, a giant playroom and an entire master or guest suite. All of which has been untouched.

The Plan

We’ll go over details later if when this project makes it on our ready-to-do-now list, but for now, think one desk that spans the wall with a wooden top of sorts, maybe some fun accent wallpaper and something on the other side of the wall to balance that cutout bookshelf.

Don’t worry. I haven’t forgotten about part 2 of our as is home tour. I gave you part 1 last year and have felt like I’ve kept you hanging but I promise it’s not intentional! It’s coming!


I feel like the world’s worst mama for not getting this one done because the reality is I wanted this to be one of the first rooms we did in our home because I wanted Charlotte to feel like she was always a priority and had a place to play. BUT instead, her stuff has just been …. everywhere. And it’s fine. I’m fine. Things are fine.

But I’m so ready to corral this mess. And as you can tell from these pics and the ones from the office, the rooms are adjacent which is great because I can be playing and just look over my shoulder to see her in the room. Except here I am acting like I won’t be able to hear her. Are y’alls toddlers EXTRA LOUD or is it just mine? Don’t leave me hanging here.

The Plan

Couch gone, add trim, paint the doors and change the door handles out to our glorious Kwikset ones, paint our $5 garage sale table, and set up an art table area for the little one who absolutely loves anything art related.

Laundry Room

Here it is, folks. Our unfiltered laundry room as clean as it’s ever been. Yep. Even as we speak, this photo makes our laundry room at its current status look like it walked out of Organized And Clean Laundry Rooms USA Catalog. Maybe that’s not a real catalog, but it should be. Kinda sad, but it is what it is.

The Plan

Walls are definitely going to be painted. We have also got to get rid of that dang wire shelving and figure out a better storage solution. I also may be feeling froggy and do a stenciled floor since we obviously can’t afford new floors in here right now. We definitely have a phase 2 of this reno that we want to do, but it’s way in the future regarding both time and moolah.

Master Bathroom

I can not even BELIEVE those words just came out of my mouth. (Came from under my thumbs? idk) Regardless, I said I wasn’t going to even remotely TOUCH another bathroom after our fiasco from last year’s One Room Challenge. Yet here I am. Talking about this. My hands are shaky and I’m stress sweating. Also maybe even some nervous gas.

HOWEVER, while this bathroom needs and entire gut job like our other one, we are NOT going to be doing that. You hear me? No snowball’s chance in hell. We have decided to venture and do a phase 1. Our master bath looks eerily similar to our guest bath that we completely gutted.

The Plan

Paint the walls, door, and vanity. Concrete countertop. Refinish the tub. New vinyl floors to replace the outdated ones. New light fixture. Frame the existing mirror. Maybe new faucets. We’ll see. We’re trying to do this literally as cheap as possible.

That’s all we got planned! Who knows what we will actually get accomplished, but unless someone else is fitting the bill, 2019 is going to be the year of no gut jobs. Tell me what you guys think! Seem doable for an entire year or are we overshooting?

Sharing what we are planning to renovate on a budget in our house in 2019 so come check it out to see if we're crazy or not! #livingletterhome #homerenoplans #budgetremodelplans #designonadime

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