Choosing Laundry Room Tile

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As part of the Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge, I’m sharing what floor tile we decided to go with for our laundry room!

If for some reason this is the first post you’re reading of mine, welcome! Second, we’re smack dab in the middle of the Jeffrey Court fall renovation challenge and we’re tackling our small laundry room! Hooray!

To catch up on previous weeks, check out our design plan for this space and what we learned during our demo process!

Not having a washer and dryer for 3 weeks has proven to be a challenge with 2 kids and…. well, 2 kids. We are real close to having to walk around in our skivvies in here so hopefully we can put it together SOON!

Today I wanted to holla atcha and let you know what ceramic tile we chose for our laundry room design.

Choosing tile was no easy feat when there are so many options out there. When adding tile or any flooring to a room, you have to first decide do you want it to be a focal point or do you want it just as a nice backdrop?

The tile we chose for our guest bathroom was definitely more of a focal point and we are so happy about that choice!

The “tile” we chose in our master bathroom was definitely more of just a nice, calming backdrop and I’m also very happy with that too!

Laundry Room Tile Choices

Floor Tile

We chose this very simple (and HUGE) dark gray tile for our floors. In case you’re wondering, these stunnas are 10×20. In other words, DEY BIG. But I love them! When I saw the 18 wheeler delivery truck bring them in on a palette, I was a touch nervous but then we opened them up and oh man. Instant love.

I love the detail and I love that all these ceramic floor tiles are similar, but like a piece of granite, they all have unique differences.

Wall Tile

Jeffrey Court Allegro White Fish Scale Tile

Can I tell ya a secret? I’ve had my eye on fan tile like this for well over a year and have been waiting for the perfect place to use it and I think our laundry room is the perfect choice for this! I am geeking out waiting to see it up on our walls!

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