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Well, spoiler alert if you haven’t figured it out. We S.T.I.L.L ain’t done with our One Room Challenge guest bathroom. Wanna see what’s up? Keep reading. 

Hello? It’s me. I was wondering if after all these years we’d have a place to pee”

– Adele ft. DJ Carmie Carm (that’s me.)

Anyone still there?

Oh. My. GOODNESS. I’m planning to do an entire post-mortem on this process from start to finish, but let me be real – this has been TOUGH. Mostly because we have been SO BUSY on weekends (think: weddings, church obligations, family in town, us out of town, work travel, toddler life, and the occasional just wallowing in my own self pity and tears over this).

The fact of the matter is we have still been doing lots of other projects (and actually have some REALLLLLLY exciting and fun things under way that are coming your way soon!) but I just haven’t been posting because I just feel as if I had to get done with this bathroom before I did. But you know what? SCREW IT Y’ALL! I miss writing and having this outlet and our life is NOT stopping even though this bathroom seems like it will never be done. So, for the meantime, I’m gonna show you progress, what we have done thus far, and then drop it like it’s hot and move on with this blog. I promise you I’ll let you know when it’s like actually done.

Fur rill.

So, without further adieu, here we go:Guest Bathroom Remodel Ideas #oneroomchallenge Did I forget to mention? We chose purple as our wall color.


This is the wall you’d see when you walk right in. We have (finally) finished plumbing which was a beast and hung our wall mounted faucets (that were not in the original design plan). Those little white plastic things are actually a pretty cool invention. You attach those to drywall and you can easily remove the little covers if you have plumbing issues down the road. WHICH WE WON’T BECAUSE JESUS LOVES US.

UPDATE: 9 MONTHS LATER AND WE FINALLY FINISHED!!! Click here to see the completed space!
Guest Bathroom Remodel Ideas #oneroomchallenge

Here you can see our can lights and what will be our spot for the vanity light we picked out which I love so much. Also not in the original plans. You will notice that being a common thread throughout this entire project. Guest Bathroom Remodel Ideas #oneroomchallenge

So, I talked about how we had to move HVAC. Well, I just had to show off our filthy floors covered in drywall mud my husband’s skills with a borrowed tile saw! He cut those pieces of tile to go around that return vent which I was just super impressed with!Guest Bathroom Remodel Ideas #oneroomchallenge

Okay, here you’ll see we still don’t have all the drywall up (although as of 11:00 PM last night, this wall actually IS up!) So, a lot has been done in way of tile, but he’s basically tiling everything he can with full pieces and then will rent a tile saw to cut all the little pieces. Guest Bathroom Remodel Ideas #oneroomchallenge Guest Bathroom Remodel Ideas #oneroomchallenge Guest Bathroom Remodel Ideas #oneroomchallenge

That’s all I have for you now boys and girls! See what I mean? Not too much has changed from our last  update on this bathroom. I haven’t decided if I’ll blog more on this until it’s actually done or not. I mean, how many updates is too many, ya know what I mean? Probably more on our Instagram is where you might find that. So, if you’re interested, hop on over and follow!

See you SOON! Promise! 🙂

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