5 Easy Bathroom Upgrades

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Don’t let a small budget make you live with an ugly bathroom. I’ll share 5 easy bathroom upgrades that will make a huge impact for little cost!

Whew. We did it, y’all. 2 out of 3 bathrooms in our house are done. Luckily our master bathroom refresh didn’t take nearly as long as our guest bathroom, but good lord I hoped it wouldn’t – it was only a phase one. Meaning no bare walls, no rewiring electrical and no trying to make a double vanity in a space that was clearly designed for a single one.

Guest Bathroom BEFORE, but wait until you see the after!
Guest bathroom before
Guest bathroom after

But now having done both the phase one and the full gut job, we have learned how to save money and make a big impact for little amount of cash flow. You’re welcome, Dave Ramsey.

master bath refresh BEFORE
Master bathroom before
Master bathroom after

5 Easy Bathroom Upgrades

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In our master bathroom we used these peel and stick marble look floors and I LOVE them. I love the way they feel and they look so real. These are super cheap and huge so they cover a lot of space which means you can get more bang for your buck.

black and white tile floors

Now, we did use real tile in our guest bathroom, but the tile we chose was actually also really cheap! The good news for us is that since our bathrooms aren’t really huge, we were able to get some great flooring options and not spend a lot of money which means cheap and easy bathroom upgrade!


This should go without saying, but paint really is the easiest way to change the feel of a room. When we moved in this house, it seemed every room was painted a weird aged off white. Not all things age like fine wine or Mariska Hargitay.

For both of our bathrooms, we chose a light gray – Benjamin Moore Gray Owl mixed at 75%. You could get buck with it one time and choose a bold color, but y’all know I’m scared of that. I love it in other people’s house, but not mine.

Painting a vanity is also a great and easy bathroom upgrade! We knew we did not have the budget to replace a vanity, as they can cost thousands of dollars (WHICH IS CRAZY TALK BUT TRUE) so we just opted for a $30 can of paint (with a $15 rebate, holla) and are so happy with the outcome!


Hear me say this – I do not mean go to a granite guy (graniteer? granitist?) and get a slab cut for this. I mean get creative and find a solution for new countertops based on your budget.

In our guest bathroom, we wanted real butcher block countertops, but it wasn’t in the budget so Jordan actually made these for us! Super pleased and it was actually a fraction of the cost.

faux marble countertops

Even cheaper so was our choice for the guest bathroom which was just some marble contact paper on top of existing countertops! I’m in love with these! The contact paper is super thick and I can’t believe for about $20, we were able to get this kind of a result!

Fixtures and Hardware

modern industrial farmhouse vanity light fixture

New bathroom fixtures or even painting your existing ones is another favorite in my list of easy bathroom upgrades. In our guest bathroom, we went with antique gold and black. Our vanity light fixture and sink faucets both are from Amazon and we are so happy with them!

We (well, I) went outside our norm of gold or black fixtures and went with brushed nickel in the bathroom and I love it! I’m so happy with these fixtures and it’s crazy to me how new fixtures and cabinet hardware make this room seem brand new!

Minimal, Meaningful and Functional Decor

If you wanna know the truth, the real reason I choose minimal decor is because yes, I hate clutter, but also, I DON’T KNOW HOW TO STYLE STUFF. Don’t believe me? You should have seen my cart at Hobby Lobby trying to shop for things for our office.

I basically loaded it up until it was overflowing, came home and tried about fiddy leven things until I decided on about 5 I liked and then even took those back after I took pictures because I couldn’t make up my mind.

BUT what I have found is that if you stick to things that are functional and speak to YOUR personality then you will always love it because it will feel more like home. And that’s the whole reason I keep this blog game up and going too is so I can show you how to love your own home as cheap as possible.

So, there ya have it! But I want to know – what are some of YOUR favorite cheap and easy bathroom upgrades?

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  1. Love your bathroom remodel! I’m thinking about doing butcher block in my master bath also but what I’m wanting to know is where you bought your black framed mirrors? Everyone I find like that is super expensive!

    1. Ugh, I know – we got them at Target for $40 a piece and for the life of me I haven’t been able to find anything similar since that are around their price point. BUT! I have a friend who actually wrapped her plain, builder grade mirror with black electrical tape and it looks SO GOOD!

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