One Room Challenge Week 5: That’s it?

Tell all ya friends and neighbors!

Yes, we’re still alive. Yes, we’re still participating in the One Room Challenge. No, we are not done yet.

I decided on this title after a recurring thought in my head this entire week – “That’s it?”

Catchy, right? The reality is the fact that this week again moved so slowly was nobody’s fault. This is what happens when your handyman is also being the hands and feet of the Lort, known what I mean? God bless his soul, he works tirelessly all day and then comes home and works tirelessly until he’s falling asleep.

So, while I only have four pictures of things we got accomplished this week, WE GOT THEM ACCOMPLISHED OKAY?! Celebrate small wins. Celebrate things you want repeated.

First (huge) task was sheetrock! Now it’s starting to feel like an actual room in here. Ya know, one of those rooms without ceilings, but a room nonetheless!One Room Challenge Week 5One Room Challenge Week 5

Next up: We got some can lights installed! One Room Challenge Week 5We actually got four but sometimes I forget to take a picture of the other 2 until after we lay tile and I can’t walk on it for 24 hours and I have a deadline. Sometimes I do that.

Lemme tell ya. It is BRUTAL trying to get pictures in this room,  nonetheless pictures with ZERO light. Even though I turn most of the lights off for pictures anyway, it’s still insanely hard for my camera to find something to focus on long enough to actually take a shot. First world probs, am I right? “My wallet is too small for my $50 bills and my diamond shoes are too tight.”

(Instant best friends if you can name the show that quote is from.)

Last but not least, FLOOR TILE!One Room Challenge Week 5I’m super impressed with how it looks so far!

In case you wanted to know what else went down this week that I didn’t photograph, try this on for size: The Ikea kitchen cabinets I was so excited about (you know, the ones I posted a picture of last week) ended up being too deep for the space and so we had to switch our 24″ cabinets out to 15″.

Which is cute and all except we had also ordered faucets (also pictured in this post) specifically for those and now we have no room on the counter for them so we’re having to go with wall mount faucets instead. So, this is why we haven’t finished sheetrock where the vanity will go because now we have to raise plumbing height for wall mounted faucets. And order wall mounted faucets. And return the ones we lit’rly just got.


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