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5 Most Practical Playroom Storage and Organization Ideas

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Trying to tame the never ending clutter in your playroom or kids’ room? Here are some super easy and budget friendly toy storage ideas that we’re using in our playroom

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How is that even having a playroom for toys, they still SOMEHOW manage to get (and stay) everywhere except where they’re supposed to be?

Surely it’s not just us.

The hardest part about doing a playroom design is making sure that the toys are both easily accessible BUT also in some sort of storage bins or something so they don’t feel all over the place all the time.

While it may be the least fun part for the kids, quite honestly the actual playroom organization part is where I have my own fun.

Best Playroom Storage Ideas and Hacks

1. Storage bins or baskets

rattan toy storage basket with play food inside
Ikea Billy bookcases and Trofast in white on playroom wall

The baskets are key to storing toys and I’m loving the plastic storage bins in the Ikea Trofast unit. There are different bin sizes available so if you need all shallow bins, you can do that or if you need the deeper bins for more storage space, you can do like we did and have the shallow ones up top and then the deeper ones on the bottom.

The possibilities are endless as to what you can store in here – from stuffed animals to blocks to learning toys.

2. Plastic cases for card games

plastic tub with card games in plastic containers

My favorite thing are these plastic cases that hold card games. We don’t have a ton of cards or card games yet just because of the ages of our kids, but the ones we do have, I want to keep in some semblance of order.

We have these smaller plastic card containers that we love for single deck cards and then we have these larger cases that are actually meant to hold 4×6 photos for larger decks.

They’re a great and inexpensive storage solution even if you don’t have a playroom, but have cards in small spaces or somewhere like a living room.

3. Zipper pouches

zipper bags on aztec rug with small toys inside

I can not stress this enough – zipper pouches are LIFE.

I know we are only halfway through this One Room Challenge, and I may or may not have a kid who is a huge rule follower, but there have been SO MUCH fewer kids toys left on the floor when she’s done playing it’s crazy.

Now, with her brother coming into the mix with all his toy cars and trucks and dinos and the fact that he cares way less about cleaning is a different bridge we will cross when it comes, but I’m so happy about this at least for the time being!

Why are zipper pouches so effective?

I’m not 100% sure, but to me just observing Char, it seems that to her there are a couple reasons.

zipper bags with small LOL doll toys in them with labels showing what's in each bag

First, it helps her know where her things are. So she’s less stressed about finding stuff and she gets more time to play.

Second, the cleaning up part is a game in and of itself.

Take the tiny things, put them in their proper zipper pouch, put said zipper pouch back in woven basket. Bam.

4. Board game storage

Ope! Look familiar?

Here we are back to our zipper storage containers inside the big Ikea Trofast bucket.

Admittedly we don’t have a ton of board games in our house, but the few ones that we do have smaller pieces.

Chuckle and Roar game red light green light in zipper pouch inside Ikea Trofast unit

Like this board game that’s one of our favorites around here – it’s the Target Chuckle and Roar brand Red Light Green Light game.

Chuckle and Roar game red light green light in zipper pouch inside Ikea Trofast unit

It also comes with a bunch of pieces in here. The road itself comes in 4 or 5 pieces.

Chuckle and Roar game red light green light in zipper pouch inside Ikea Trofast unit

Then you’ve got all the cars and the red light, green light cards.

So my favorite way to a more successful board game storage and organization is to have the smaller pieces in smaller zippers inside the larger ones!

You won’t believe the amount of space that you’ll save by not keeping the games in their original boxes.

5. Flex space

rattan storage baskets on white Ikea Billy bookcases

Here’s what I mean by that – while you can create categories within your toy organizers to help with your own kids’ playroom storage, but there will ultimately be things that do not fit into any category.

Keep a couple baskets or areas in which do not have specific categories so that if you have things that are “overflow” items, you can throw them in the baskets or storage bins that don’t have their own category.

And we all know that when it comes to a toy room, there are going to be many “overflow” items.

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I know this isn’t really an exhaustive list of playroom organization ideas, but really and truly there’s not much more than you need to keep it organized, especially if you’re on a budget.

Place to corral things, zipper pouches and some plastic cases to store cards in and you should be all set, my pet!

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