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Okay, listen. A lot of people add super sweet sentimental nursery wall art art or scripture or the like. I love all of those and they exist in Josiah’s nursery. But when I saw this blank wall above his changing table, I had an idea for some nursery prints.Rap.

If you know us, this will come as absolutely no surprise. We both have a very soft spot for rap in this house. Sick beats. You know, all of it. Can you not tell from this picture of our wedding?I just catch myself singing little rap lyrics to Jo lately and he’s been smiling so, I thought I was on to something. I actually really just wanted to buy some and stick them in frames and be done.

But would you know I couldn’t find any ANYWHERE? I mean I really did look. I found one and I just wasn’t a fan of the lyric. I also like using song lyrics that mean something for decor. We did it in our bedroom and in Charlotte’s nursery.For me styling a nightstand or dresser can be intimidating, but this is helpful for me to see how easy and budget friendly a styled nightstand can be #masterbedroom #stylingtips #stylednightstand #grosstograndiose DIY Projects for a non-girly girl nursery #girl #nursery #nurserydesign #girlnursery #grosstograndioseIt’s hard to tell, but the top right corner of that pegboard is a canvas I made that says, “I want to love you pretty young thing.” RIP MJ.

I began rapping running through a lot of lyrics in my head to see which ones I could put into a nursery that made sense. After I figured that out, I changed my mind and decided I didn’t want frames, but clipboards. Since I did this when my husband was out of town, I didn’t want him to come home and hate it (although how on earth could he?) and then I would have to take the frames down and it’d be an ordeal.

I figured with clipboards, I could just change them out super easy. I picked up four of these from Walmart for less than $8.I could have just left them silver, but why would I do that when I could tape them off and spray paint them with my favorite matte black spray paint so they would go along with the charcoal theme we are working with in here.After I found the lyrics I wanted, I whipped these guys up in Photoshop.nursery wall artI printed them off at Staples so they’d be on nice paper and put them on the clipboards. I used Command strips and put them on the sides of each of the clipboards and stuck them on the wall.

Don’t tell my husband but I didn’t even measure anything, I completely eyeballed it all.Not too bad if you ask me for cheap and quick nursery wall art! Plus I really like the idea that changing them out will be an absolute breeze. So, if I wanted to maybe do something different for a holiday or his birthday month or something. Who knows? They make me happy every time I look at them and I may or may not have broken out in some sweet club dance moves. Don’t worry. He’s not old enough to be embarrassed by me yet and when my 3 year old catches me, she is still in the stage where she thinks I’m hilarious.

Cuz I am.

Plus, no joke, he loves them. He looks at them all the time when I’m changing him. It’s weird/awesome.

Pin this below if you’d love your own sweet version of this nursery wall art:Rap lyric nursery prints add fun to your nursery. The real nursery rhymes, ha! #nursery #nurseryprintables #nurseryart #freeprintables


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