Little Shotgun Remodel Reveal

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Our second investment property, endearingly named Archie is FINALLY done. Come take a tour of it here!


2nd Flip House Reveal


Archie is done.

He’s come a long way and if you want to see how we started there’s an entire before tour of this investment property that you can see but it was ROUGH. I’m talking random pill bottles and an eerie elementary school type chair.

interior house down to the studs

If you want to see just a glimpse of it – I mean holy moly.

I gave an updated tour of this shotgun house, with floor plan (aka. my shotgun shawty) in the updated walkthrough tour where you could get a better feel of the layout.

But now it’s completely done and I feel like I can breathe again.

(Except lol not really because we still haven’t finished this kitchen renovation we are in the middle of.)

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He was so sad on the outside. But we kept the same feel and just added some vertical board and batten, black shutters and a new sweet porch on the front.

white vinyl siding and black porch

I love the detail here of adding that sweet little black mailbox on the railing. If you’re not looking for it, it blends in which is a good thing, but then when you notice it, you’re just all “MEEP!” at its cuteness.

back of white house with porch

There was no deck on the back, but we loved the back yard and wanted the new homeowner to take advantage of it, so we added one here too for entertaining.

black house numbers and black shutters on white board and batten siding

You may be asking what a shotgun house is but think of the opposite of a ranch.

In a ranch, you have the house wide from left to right where your living room/kitchen areas would be on, say, the left side and then your bedrooms would be on the right separated by a hallway.

backyard with grass seed and rocks

In a shotgun house, everything is front to back. So the lot as well as the house is long and skinny.

It allows you to build vertical, but not so much horizontal in a shotgun house floor plan.

wood front porch with teal front door painted Behr Juniper Berries

The front door color was something that we talked too much about, if you ask me.

We didn’t want black since everything else is black. We didn’t want pink because it felt polarizing.

I love the color we settled on here!


Living Room


drywall in flip house investment property

Once we had drywall and an actual door, the vision started to become more clear.


living room with velvet sofa and black sitting chairs

I love the open and airy feel of this space, even though it feels smaller than our first flip, Beverly.

Again, with a shotgun house floor plan, everything starts in the front and moves back so your layout of kitchen and living space is usually open.

black fireplace painted Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black and cow painting over live edge mantle

We kept the fireplace, added a custom live edge mantle and painted it black. Are you surprised?

Oh, and wanna cry a bit?

newborn girl sleeping in headband on brown tufted couch

This was little mama when I was taking photos for Beverly when it went on the market about a year ago.

little girl with waterspout hair sitting on velvet sofa

And this is the same little mama who just turned a year old a week ago. I can’t believe it.

Dining Nook/Kitchen


interior house down to the studs

You can really get a feel for a shotgun style house floor plan here.

This photo is as if I were sitting on the couch in the living room. I can see straight out to the back door.


white shiplap in kitchen with black range hood

This is the same view, all dolled up.

The dining nook is much smaller in this house than it was Beverly, but I still love that you’re able to fit a round table with 4 chairs comfortably in this space.

white shiplap backsplash in kitchen with stainless steel appliances and white shaker cabinets

It’s hard to capture the beauty of this kitchen but for it to be on the smaller side, it’s incredibly functional.

This was the first time we got to design a galley style kitchen and even though we have an island in our own new kitchen that I love, there’s something so charming about a galley kitchen.

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white shaker cabinets with butcher block countertop

Again, smaller kitchen, but you have a good bit of countertops and food storage to work with here.

We have open shelves on both sides because it helped the space feel more open as opposed to having just a couple random upper cabinets.

With the floor plan of a shotgun house being long, working with that architecture and adding things like horizontal shiplap, horizontal drawer pulls and the open shelves helps make things feel cohesive.

black modern range hood

We have to have a pot filler because it just makes you feel more fancy. It’s a must have in all our flips and we added one to our own home too.

This matte black modern vent hood has clean lines that looks great against the white shiplap backsplash.

Guest Bedrooms


interior house down to the studs


At first glance, these look like the exact same room, but in this house we had 2 guest bedrooms and you can see one is on the front of the house (you can see the railing of the front porch) and then the second is in the middle.

Simple. White walls, black fans that we have in our own house.



interior house down to the studs


drywall hallway in flip house investment property


white hallway with black feature wall with 2 pieces of wall art

I mean, pictures do really say a thousand words, right?

white hallway with black feature wall with 2 pieces of wall art

Choosing to paint the end of this hallway black was the right move.

I actually lobbied to have it be fluted wood, but we have another place we are going to use that that I’m excited about.

Guest Bathroom

Sherwin Williams Pure White walls looking into hall bathroom

The guest bathroom sits right in between the 2 guest bedrooms.

white vertical stacked subway tile and gold finishing edge and brass shower fixtures

We went with a simple subway tile with black grout and brass fixtures to stand out.

Sometimes simple is the best, especially when you’re trying to flip a house and then leave the colors up to the new homeowner.

wood vanity with white top and brass hardware and sink fixture

The bathrooms in here were smaller so we could only fit a single vanity, but this wood vanity with brass fixtures has a gorgeous modern style.

white starburst tile in bathroom floor with gray and white turkish towel hanging on hook

One more peek at the floors and we’re on to the primary bedroom which is my favorite.

Primary Bedroom

board and batten in entire bedroom with small fiddle leaf fig on rattan side table

Thar she blows. I love it in here.

We were really hesitant about this room at first because there wasn’t the “perfect” spot for a bed.

board and batten feature wall in primary bedroom painted Sherwin Williams Pure White

You couldn’t put it to the left because of the closet and then immediately behind me is the wall with a barn door for your bathroom that wouldn’t fit a bed.

So we attempted this whole room board and batten and once staged, it was perfect.

board and batten in entire bedroom with small fiddle leaf fig on rattan side table

I meannnnnn, I hate to brag but I also don’t hate to talk about how much hard work pays off.

black frosted barn door in primary bedroom

Laying in the bed, here you see where the barn door is for the bathroom.

It’s hard to tell, but the glass is frosted so when you’re in there, there’s some privacy.

black frosted barn door and little girl sitting behind 2 leather ottomans

Speaking of someone who doesn’t care about privacy….Excuse me, ma’am, I’m trying to take a photo here.

black frosted barn door and little girl sitting behind 2 leather ottomans

Uh, ma’am, you’re still in my shot.

black frosted barn door for bathroom

Okay, I can still see the top of your lil’ pony, but I’ll take it. Here’s the entrance to the primary bathroom.

whitewashed wood vanity with black hardware and black rectangle mirror

I like to think that this room proves you can pack a whole lotta style in a small space.

This bathroom feels more masculine, especially when that LED vanity light is on, but I really like it.

marble look tile in stand up shower with black shower fixtures

We went with a large marble look tile in the shower to feel large and luxurious.

Simple white penny tile in the floor of the shower to make it feel as big as it can.

grey and white turkish towel hanging on the wall

If these towels in here and the guest bathroom look familiar, it’s because they’re the same gray turkish towels that we have in our guest bathroom at home and they photograph super well, clearly.

black sink faucet and black rectangle mirror with light over mirror

Sleek black faucet, mirror and vanity light to round it out.

Other Details

world market whitewashed bench up against walls painted with Sherwin Williams Pure White

Because of the shotgun house floor plan, it’s hard to fit in a mudroom/laundry room area like we did at Beverly.

Instead, we positioned this little bench right across from where a stackable washer and dryer can go.

closeup of black sink with black faucet

It was very hard to capture in a photograph, but this sink had almost a sparkle to it in certain lights. It felt like it gave it some texture which I loved against the butcher block counters and the white shaker style cabinets.

closeup of black Kohler sink with black faucet

Here it looks pretty plain, but I assure you it’s not.

light wood LVP floors and black fireplace and cowhide rug

The floors are not what we originally had planned, but I’ll tell you – I’m not mad about them at all. I love the look of these LVP floors and super pumped that we went with these!

Sources for the home

Much like with Beverly, we have a different approach than a normal post where I reveal a room and tell you all the sources.

I wanted to have a place where everything would live so I created a PDF design guide!

flip house design guide graphic

You can get this over 20 page design guide jam packed with every detail you need to know about this house, from paint colors to decor items for only $7!

Why did I do this? Why would I charge for this when so many others give away this information for free??

There was so much within the walls of this home that I wanted a more permanent place for it to live.

I also wanted to create a document that you could have on your computer or phone offline versus having to always come back to my site to get it, in case internet isn’t an option.

It’s all separated by room and every single item is listed by with the price and is linked so you can directly visit the proper place to view or purchase the item!

We have had a lot of people express interest in wanting us to help them flip a house because they’re not design minded and hiring us can cost you hundreds to thousands, depending on scope, but this little design guide can give you good guard rails to creating a space like this on your own for UNDER $10!


The people on my email list get first dibs on a discount code that will allow you to get this for only $4. But you’ll want to act fast because it’s only going to be the first 50 people to buy that get to use that code!

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